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  • The social contract one agrees to when signing up for the @stonesthrow message boards: "No hate, harassing, or bootlegging." #
  • Evening sounds: hard drives, fridge, bus (and attendant house-rattle). #
  • Belated RIP, Austrian sculptor Alfred Hrdlicka (b. 1928), who designed sets of Luigi Nono's first opera, Intolleranza: #
  • Long walk home, across San Francisco. We talk about how light differs throughout a year, and I found myself wondering whether sound does. #
  • It'd be great if the mobile app for @evernote had a pause button on its audio recorder. #
  • Love the description that pops up on IRC when you join the @rjdj (well, the #rjdj) channel: "Sunglasses for your ears." #
  • Counting the number of languages spoken on the bus today: 7, including the bus's own beeping alerts, and its Spanish-translation intercom. #
  • Perfect background reading for the new Don DeLillo novel, Point Omega: Beethoven's 9th Symphony, stretched to 24 hours: #
  • RIP, saxophonist Sir John Dankworth (b. 1927), composer of, among other things, the theme to The Avengers, and the score for Darling. #
  • So quiet this morning that after a year in the house I realized not two but all four of the small fluorescents in the kitchen emit a whine. #

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