Images of the Week: Enter the Makers Market

The Make empire continues to expand, this time with its own take on the do-it-yourself gadget/fetish entrepreneurship that already has a substantial consumer culture going over at Enter the Markers Market (, which has a section set aside for music-related objects, including these three instruments, from top to bottom the “Atari Punk Console Kit” (, the “Wicks Looper” (, and the “Mooftronic” (

It’ll be interesting to see how the Maker Market comes to distinguish itself from not only Etsy but from its own Maker Shed, which specializes in the raw and semi-raw materials of the D.I.Y. movement. The “Atari Punk Console Kit” was already in the Maker Shed before it popped up in the Market, where it costs a buck less. The other two pieces are by a longtime Etsy dealer, who goes by the name Rare Beasts; both those devices cost about 10 bucks less on Etsy, at least at the moment. (Via

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