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  • Reading book Cracked Media (MIT Press) by Caleb Kelly? My cited Oval interview isn't offline, per bibliography. It's at #
  • Florida sounds, morning: moving furniture above, distant cars beyond, unfamiliar birds in between. And new netbook's soft hard-drive noise. #
  • Belated RIP, Dale Hawkins (b. 1936), whose "Susie Q," as covered by Creedence Clearwater Revival, was an early drone-rock touchstone. #
  • Insanely massive MC Escher exhibit at Boca Raton Museum, minus installation score from Orlando 2005 Show. #
  • Increasing evidence that the ripples in man-made lakes look more CGI than the ripples in naturally occurring lakes. #
  • Gorgeous pinball machines on display at SFO, but since they're not plugged in they look like corpse machines. #
  • Breaking in new laptop, Toshiba netbook: 2.5 pounds, insane battery. Runs Ableton OK with a gig of ram. See how well it runs in coming week. #
  • First warm day in some time. Windows open. Passing sirens are perfectly in tune with the radio. #
  • Anything sound/art-ish happening in Miami (and thereabouts) this coming weekend (Feb 19-22)? #
  • Day's word: "clang-tint," type of sonic appeal per HL Mencken, quoted in @nytimes re: pleasure of phrase "cellar door": #
  • The Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely run on Batman & Robin: so cinematic, every time I come to the credits page I look for who did the score. #
  • Had no idea: DJ Food/Strictly Kev is on @soundcloud. Great, funky Brian Eno mix is at the top of his feed: #
  • Morning sounds: the quieter the world, the louder the hard drives. #

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