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  • Apologies for the dead week of post-less-ness at Coming out of a major cold. #
  • Headlines that don't mean what I think they mean: "Primus buying distressed U.S. property" #
  • The show Dexter is pretty darn good but it seems to have far fewer score cues (by Daniel Licht, theme by Rolfe Kent) than do most TV dramas. #
  • Never had the flu before. "Flu" isn't the right word. It needs more hard consonants. And maybe some high-pitched headache-inducing vowels. #
  • Obama hired Edward Tufte? Next state of the union's gonna have awesome info graphics. Now get Cliff Martinez for sound design. #
  • RIP, Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse (b. 1962), indie-rock standard-bearer; Danger Mouse + David Lynch collaborator on Dark Night of the Soul. #
  • Boris Karloff on drive-in movie experience, from Peter Bogdanovich's great Targets (1968): "Strange not to hear any reactions, isn't it?" #
  • Sounds when you have the flu: digital thermometer's beep, pounding heart beat, throbbing skull, every sudden loud noise, tea kettle. #
  • Best Oscars story on sound I've read so far: Virginia Heffernan — aka @page88 — on sonic effort evident in Hurt Locker: #
  • If there's a sound for each day of the week, Sundays = bells of the many Richmond District churches ringing at noon slightly out of sync. #

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