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  • Rare Outer Richmond night: everyone’s windows are open. Out for walk, it’s all hip-hop & saccharine elevatortronica in Asian & Slavic modes. #
  • Afternoon listen: "Instrumental Hip-Hop" @pandora_radio channel. Pete Rock, Krush, Alchemist. Should credit producers, but otherwise great. #
  • RIP, Alex Chilton (b. 1950). First concert I saw (in New Orleans) after 911. Everyone sang along. And we froze every time a siren passed. #
  • Down at Ocean Beach, where the heavy surf serves as one of nature's great engines of generative sound. #
  • No idea why brain had stuck on idea Scott Tuma was Souled American drummer, not guitarist. One of first bands I interviewed professionally. #
  • Luc Sante on David Shields: "So what constitutes reality…? It can be as simple as a glitch…a dropped beat." #
  • Too much fun. The late J Dilla's slo-mo electro take on Men Without Hats' "Safety Dance." MP3: Info: #
  • Down at Ocean Beach, the roar of the surf provides audio accompaniment to the planes that pass mutely overhead. #
  • Listening to Oddisee's Traveling Man; noodling how the city names of its 24 tracks align with how they sound. "San Francisco" fares well. #
  • Happy Pi Day. Here's a neat way to turn the first 10,000 digits of pi (i.e., 3.14159 …) into a musical sequence: #

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