Fognozzle: Live Noise (MP3)

Nine minutes of controlled chaos. That’s Fognozzle‘s “End Game,” a live, nearly nine-minute recording from late last year posted this past week at his account. If a sound can be harrowing and comforting at the same time, this is it. It’s the sonic aura of urban tension (sirens, wailing voices, radio interference) transformed into a slow symphony of dessication.

<a href="">END GAME by fognozzle</a>

The piece moves from found noises set on short-turnaround repeat, to a raucous feedback solo, before a dénouement of introspective white noise — from routinized to improvised to an ever so patient fade. That transformation is key to Fognozzle’s accomplishment. The divide between the early looped work and the later-on freeform squall isn’t sharply determined. There’s a slow transition, and it’s only in retrospect that you might note that certain riffs have been done away with.

Recorded live during the Godwaffle Noise Pancakes event at the Golden TrapperKeeper Lodge on September 26, 2009. More on Fognozzle (born Pete von Petrin) at and More performances from the series at

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