Quick McLuhanian Guide for Transmigration (MP3)

The Quick McLuhanian Guide for Transmigration by Leonardo Martins is not a Cliffs Notes guide to the media-technology clairvoyant. It’s an album of eight blippy bits (or bit-y blips) of retro-simple computer music, one tantalizingly brief at 39 seconds, the others extended forays into bare percussion, sinewy synth lines, and pattern extrapolations that sound like entry-level calculus made visual. The Guide‘s highlight may be “Tathagata Trouble Dance,” at 3:13 the collection’s second shortest piece — it’s a mix of martial percussion and an ever so pixelated single-note, keyboard-like lead line.

[audio:http://www.archive.org/download/pf019/TATHAGATA-TROUBLE-DANCE.mp3|titles=”Tathagata Trouble Dance”|artists=Leonardo Martins]

Get the full release at archive.org. And at the website of the releasing netlabel, pandafuzz.com, where it is the label’s 19th release.

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