Top 10 Posts & Searches from March 2010

Seven of the top-10-most read entries of the past month were from the Downstream department, collecting legally free downloads of recommended music. These included (1) broken folk music by Scott Tuma (cover art pictured here), (2) remixed African recordings by Madlib, (3) a brief excursion into atmospherics by King Crimson, (4) slowed-down pygmy recordings by Alan Morse Davies, (5) ambient procedural music by Mark Harris, (6) nostalgic Hungarian techno from tOOk, and (7) perhaps my favorite Downstream entry of the month, a melding of jazz-like performance and hip-hop by Spinach Prince.

Also making the top 10 were entries on (8) a cassette tape re-purposed by Marc Fischer as a tape loop (no doubt due to welcome coverage over at, (9) one of the site’s weekly roundups (perhaps because of a mention of the Shutter Island soundtrack?), and (10) an excerpt from Kyle Gann‘s recent book on John Cage‘s 4’33”.

The most popular post of the last 60 days was the Mark Harris piece mentioned above.

The most popular post of the last 90 days was an MP3 of sound art produced from recordings made at an Indian call center.

The most searched-for words of the last 30 days were, in declining order: performances, laptop, ito, vinyl, arty, rss, dgmlive, no country for old men, npr, seeming, souns, and topic (the last handful were tied, which is why this list has more than 10 entries).

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