One Minute of Instrumental Hip-Hop Bliss (MP3)

There may be no label, web-based or otherwise, that steadily publishes as heady a mix of hip-hop and electronica as does Dusted Wax Kingdom (at In the Kingdom of Wax, hip-hop is a producer’s realm, a place where texture fills the void left by vocals. Just check out Green Butter by Transient, in particular the opening track, which sounds like some old Pete Rock production retooled to serve as the theme music for a late-night cable-access show about the joys and tribulations of crate-digging (MP3). The only criticism is that, at just a minute, it’s too short by half. From the opening organ solo, the pipes shuddering like the machine’s having heart palpitations, through horn-laced beats, it’s a total gem. Fans of old Funki Porcini and Wagon Christ will take note.

[audio: |titles=”GB Intro”|artists=Transient]

Nothing else on Green Butter comes close to that track’s head-nodding beat and pleasantly grizzled vibe, but isn’t that what crate-digging’s all about, virtual or otherwise? Get the full set at More on Transient, aka upstate New York-based Carl Martin, at

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