In London, Noise = Noise

A live show from the London-based Noise = Noise concert series has been posted by Charles Céleste Hutchins, whose set, despite reported technical glitches (of the “messed-up sound system” variety, not the “inspired by Oval” variety), provides heady drones worth submerging oneself in. And just as those lulling tones fill the sonic periphery, easily mistaken as both sensory overload and sensory deprivation, in clicks the 4-bit percussion, and then a nearly sub-aural bass that rattles not only ears but body cavities. And when there is feedback (of the “messing with tech variety,” not the “messed-up sound system” variety), it is that digital squeal that’s the laptop equivalent of Hendrix’s burning guitar (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Lupita”|artists=Charles Celeste Hutchins]

Writes Hutchins of the set, which was put together quickly:

In the first part of it, I’m playing my MOTM synthesizer and live sampling that in my SimpleSample SuperCollider patch, controlled by a wireless gamepad. However, one channel seemed to be out on the PA and it seemed like a lot of my SC stuff wasn’t making it out to the PA either. At some point, the joystick gave up the ghost completely, so it switched to being all modular synth.

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