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  • Excited to see musical based on Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend tonight. Concerned it's not based on Robert Quine & Richard Lloyd's guitar parts. #
  • Great news to wake to: the @rjdj "music hack day" is coming to San Francisco on May 15 & 16: #
  • Donor categories for Other Minds Fest: minimalist, impressionist, neo-classical, post-modernist, expressionist, electro-acoustic, maximalist #
  • Just saw great Bill Cunningham doc, in which he describes how he was instructed to use the camera like a pen — phonographers take note. #
  • Few things make me as happy as the Radio Shack spam emails telling you there's still time to get that perfect gift for Mom. #
  • Thanks to @wammusic & @errrvolpe for write-up on Despite the Downstream ("alluringly open-ended and intriguing"): #
  • I'm no audiophile but really good jazz on a really bad stereo can sound like really bad jazz, can sound like the opposite of the jazz it is. #
  • On the bus, three people at once folding newspaper sections, a sound all the more nuanced because of its increasing scarcity. #
  • Unfamiliar noise amid city traffic. Filter out cars, buses, people, bicycles. What's left? The busy-beaver buzz of a Segway along Valencia. #
  • Photocopy machine doing its qawwali dirge again, no doubt mourning the dead tech that lines the street corners of SoMa here in San Francisco #
  • BoingBoing picked up my Despite the Downturn found-score "answer album" compilation. Major congrats to the participants: #
  • Four Barrel Coffee (SF) is hardcore: vinyl-only music (a barista said an occasional iPod gets plugged in), no wifi, & no electrical outlets. #
  • Dang. Robotspeak on Haight Street is closing, to focus on education. Bought my USB audio and Kaoss Pad there, & took Ableton Live lessons. #
  • 9th track (2nd post-launch) added to the Despite the Downturn "answer album," this one by Jettatura / @jamesrotondi #
  • 1st post-launch track (and 8th total) added to Atlantic response album Despite the Downturn: by @my_fun #
  • Pretty psyched. I commissioned 7 musicians to respond to Megan McArdle's recent Atlantic story about copyright & music: #
  • Charles Stross on Apple v. Adobe: First year Apple's WWDC awards only open to iPhone/iPad apps. "Mac apps need not apply" #
  • Odd sensation: uploading something to @internetarchive /, knowing its offices are less than 20 blocks away. #
  • ♫ Noon tune: Background music by Andreas Bick for radio play based on work by Roland Barthes, all ambient guitar texture: #
  • Morning sounds: garbage truck, hard drive, distant cars, nearby bus. #
  • Listening to music while reading ebook on Kindle-for-PC. Needed to get up. Had urge to pause not only the music but the book. #
  • Love the Internet: 7 days in, have 7 completed tracks from 7 acts for sonic-activism compilation. More to follow. Should debut in 24 hours. #
  • Auction for @resonancefm: Marclay slipmaps, Bailey poster, C. Palestine toy, Umeda Rice Cannon, Papadimitriou walk, more: #
  • Pretty neat: Last night dreamt I talked with Chuck Berry for long time. Little less neat: Was the Mos Def Chuck Berry from Cadillac Records. #
  • Such an odd societal consensus that things in ALL CAPS "sound" loud. Even A TINY PIN DROP or MERE FILAMENT OF WHITE NOISE seem ear-damaging. #
  • I don't prefer to type in green-on-black in fixed-width font 'cause it's retro. It's 'cause it's the environment in which I learned to write #

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