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  • Morning sounds: hard drive & ringing in ears. No birds, cars, planes. In the absence of a radio alarm, music in my head: Jane's Addiction. #
  • Cool, a new David Holmes score, to Perrier's Bounty, starring Cillian Murphy and Jim Broadbent. #
  • Metallica/Megadeth concert? Will the universe implode? Or at least will Dave Mustaine join in for "Seek and Destroy"? #
  • Back home after excellent @hecanjog + @heyexit show at the Luggage Store Gallery, part of its long-running every-Thursday concert series. #
  • Man, Marc Ribot's in a group called Border Music with Los Lobos' David Hidalgo, & he's covering John Cage with Bernie Worrell and DJ Logic. #
  • RIP, Fritz Sennheiser (b. 1912), synonymous with headphones & speakers; @engadget calls for "moment of silence" #
  • Morning sounds: absence of birds means it's colder than usual; absence of garbage trucks means its early. #
  • I don't get to Tokyo as often as I did in the manga years, which is why I love @jetpens — got a box of Signo bits (Cohibas for note-takers) #
  • I messed up. The contest in this month's email was to be Fatboy/Byrne/Imelda, but I did the Oval. I'll do Fatboy next month. #
  • Dentist's music service played a Christmas song. It gets cold in San Francisco this time of year, but not that cold. #
  • RIP, Yvonne Loriod (b. 1924): muse/wife/pianist of Olivier Messiaen (her sister, Jeanne, played the ondes martenot parts) #
  • Thanks to Warren Craghead III / @wcraghead for drawing my new Twitter background. More info at #
  • Morning sound: I know it's a bird, but it sounds like a tiny steel marble repeatedly being dropped on a hard, cold, tile floor. #
  • Duet for woodwind (humming printer) and percussion (light rain). #
  • Simon Lott/Beta Collide's 10th track (w/ horn section) joins Despite the Downturn "answer album" to Megan McArdle story #
  • Russell Simmons, hip-hop vegan: "My crib, the whole thing’s an altar" #fightthetoxins #
  • Brian Eno's birthday yesterday, Robert Fripp's today, and Erik Satie's tomorrow. #
  • New e-newsletter next week with contest: David Byrne/Fatboy Slim Imelda Marcos CD. Subscribe here #

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