Daniel Hopkins aka Landcrash MP3

The echoes go on for some time, taking even the sharpest sound and repeating it into a trail of hushed reverberations. This is “Corporation Street” by Daniel Hopkins, who records as Landcrash. The track mixes repeated, individual instrumental riffs and the restrained noise of what appear to be light field recordings into something nearly transparent — it’s so simple that it easily becomes invisible to the ear. At close to six minutes in length, it could be looped end to end, and the only sense of it having started anew would be how it gets darker and deeper as it goes on.

There’s a lovely gentility to Hopkins’ approach to reverb, how the brief mirrored repetitions manage to embrace the tight elasticity inherent in the approach, yet do so without sacrificing the lilting potential of the ever so slow fade.

Original track at soundcloud.com/landcrash. More on Landcrash/Hopkins at myspace.com/landcrash and landcrash.co.uk.

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