Kate Carr “Pin Prick” MP3

You’ll forgive yourself if you look over your shoulder as the four-minute point approaches in Kate Carr‘s desolate “Pin Prick,” a track she’s posted in recent months at her soundcloud.com/katecarr account. After a distant metallic patterning, mechanical urgings, a voice cuts in — not a voice in the speaking sense of the word, but a groan, a moan, a cough, the slightest sound that, in most contexts, would be invisible, dismissible. But following — amid — all that most minimal techno, the sound of the human voice is vivid, deeply human, thoroughly alive. Don’t consider this alert a spoiler. Each time around, the voice is a surprise, a whisper over your shoulder.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/katecarr. More on Carr at myspace.com/k8carr. The track was released as part of the Things Are Bad in Haiti compilation at pertin-nce.com.

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