25 Sun Salutations (MP3s)

There are 25 tracks on the compilation One Minute for the Sun, each 60 seconds in length, and each paying tribute, in one manner or another, to that great blinding fireball in the sky. Sublamp, a woozy, deep drone, offers thick bass-heavy undercurrents, while Koutaro Fukui‘s track, which directly precedes it, is a watery burble, like a dozen frogs gargling before bedtime. A lot of the tracks traffic in a certain gauzy ambience, but the best of them disrupt it, like so many rays piercing a cloud. For example, Darren McClure‘s track is only seemingly patient, because the tones from which it is built are relatively placid; in truth, they come in at odd angles and provide constant surprise. Likewise Fax‘s entry, which features the dreamy vowels-only vocals of a California pop tune, but puts them on mechanized repeat, a conceit (natural noise, automated patterning) that also enlivens the Brometer entry. Symbolism is plentiful, none perhaps as direct as that of D’incise, who employs myriad bells to cement the sun’s association with time.

<a href="http://omfts.bandcamp.com/album/one-minute-for-the-sun">One Minute For The Sun by OMFTS</a>

Interestingly, essentially all of the tracks appear to treat the sun as a source of warmth, life, light, and comfort — there is no intense noise, aside perhaps from the sizzle that appears in the opening cut, by Cubenx. Perhaps that leaves room for a sequel?

Get the full set at omfts.bandcamp.com.

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