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  • Flying to LAX out of SFO, which means missing the opportunity to check out the sound-art installation at the San Jose airport. #
  • When the fog is this thick, and no fog horns are to be heard, the question lingers in the air: Is it so thick it's muffling them? #
  • Nice way to end the evening: found a used copy of Bernhard Leitner's Sound:Space (Cantz, 1998) at Green Apple. #
  • Sucker for directors who score their films? The twins Ranju and Sanjit Majumdar made @determinism — Ranju did the music: #
  • 17: Number of anechoic chambers at Apple for cell/device testing per current press conference Look like time machines #
  • Comics writers/artists who make/record/think-smart-re: music @wcraghead @robotdancerobot @warrenellis @mmaddencomics Who am I missing? #ff #
  • Some days Twitter lists my location: Outer Richmond. Some days it lists it: Central Richmond. Does it depend on how hard the wind's blowing? #
  • Enough foghorn action this morning to suggest a bagpipe factory had sprouted in the Presidio. #
  • Listening to the sound of the city & detailing the critique of language in the novella Cosmopolis (2003) by Don DeLillo: #
  • Footage of live performance of Hans Zimmer's score to Inception, featuring (no kidding) guitarist Johnny Marr #
  • Speaking of e-mailing lists, currently experimenting with moving the newsletter (1135 members) from Mailman to Google Groups. #
  • Listening for vestiges of Latin Playboys in the forthcoming Los Lobos album, Tin Can Trust. #
  • Freeware Win7 shout-out to ResophNotes/Simple-note, Input-Director, MaxTo, AVG, Volumouse, Filezilla, LiveSync, Songbird, Evernote, DarkRoom #
  • I'm out and about, but let's see if @richard_kadrey does RT @JDKun: Have pdf of or link to Ballard's "The Sound-Sweep" handy? #
  • Given my manga years, was happy my old URL is now owned by Japanese firm, until I saw it's just a robo-spam-site now. #
  • Morning sounds: Neighborhood is especially quiet now & three rooms have hard drives running. It's like a white-noise sound-art installation. #
  • If I could select the next act after Throbbing Gristle (i.e., Gristleism) to get the @buddhamachine treatment, it'd be Lovesliescrushing #
  • Researching relation between @ascap & @bmi & @cesac and club owners for story about @creativecommons — tactics at times are darkly comedic. #
  • RIP, Harvey Pekar (b.1939). With whom hasn't he fought? He slammed the phone on me when I was at Pulse! in the early '90s. A badge of honor. #
  • Details on new Shane Carruth (Primer) film, A Topiary: And the welcome addition of fake-Carruth Twitter: @itsshanecarruth #
  • With shades drawn, hard not to imagine young children might think sanitation trucks are darkly magical machines of combustion and activity. #
  • A Monday morning without an alarm is a nice thing. Still, up by 6am, listening and typing. #
  • The DVD I'm about to watch is for "entertainment purposes only." Does that mean watching it critically is a breach of the user agreement? #
  • Is there a sophistry filter for @wordpress comments? #futurefeature #
  • Morning sounds: suspiciously numerous buses; Tivo hard drive coyly ticking away (no doubt jealous of District B13 Ultimatum DVD I rented). #

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