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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • If R. Murray Shafer led the White Stripes, it might sound like the trailer for the film Sound of Noise: Gear-shift melody #
  • First morning birdsong in week. Farmer logic points to a non-wintry day. Of course, it was just one bird. And it isn't singing any longer. #
  • New @touchmusic podcast (after 50-plus of field recordings & music derived therefrom) is a short story by Ian R. MacLeod: #
  • New Gidon Kremer (De Profundis, out 9/14) includes Pärt, Piazzolla, a Nyman theme from Peter Greenaway's Drowning by Numbers, & more. #
  • ♫ Afternoon ambience: "p jørgensen – astoria (Chris Herbert remix, excerpt)" — i.e., by @cjherbert — stream: #
  • Belated RIP, South Africa sax-ist Robbie Jansen (b. 1949), among other things sideman of Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) #
  • The title track off the forthcoming Bad Plus CD, Never Stop, is like how Moby hears Nina Simone, and I mean that in a good way. #
  • Hoping DJ Premier's tracks for the new Kanye album sample "The Hammond Song," or something off Evening Star or Darryl Hall's Sacred Songs. #
  • Rabbinical wisdom: "They made a lot of noise, like a penny in a can; shake it, and it makes a lot of noise." #
  • Zimmer on Nolan's intent with the transformed Édith Piaf theme in Inception: "like huge foghorns over a city" #
  • What seemed like a foghorn turns out to be a plane passing low, its fuselage an aerodynamic didgeridoo. #
  • "Dreamcrasher, With Brady Hammock" on @awl is like if Philip K. Dick had rewritten Sweet Smell of Success #
  • Morning music: John Zorn's Alhambra Love Songs — if they make new Peanuts cartoons, the soundtrack music has been written and recorded. #
  • I love how the auto-location in the @twitter web interface switches back & forth between Central & Outer Richmond. #quantumliquifaction #
  • The @guardiannews prints letter addressing absence of Louis Andriessen from its Willem Breuker obituary: #
  • Ah, not the dryer going crazy; drilling on the street a block down. #
  • A @serial_consign tweet made me think of this: If anyone out there's teaching sound-art classes, I'd love to see your syllabus. #
  • ♫ Scott Johnson's music traces the shape of speech. There are few composers I wish were more prolific: @newmusicbox #
  • Pondering how un-neutral net will prioritize writing about sounds of refrigerators & interviews with people whose records sell in the 1000s. #
  • Love when a craigslist search for Nexus One brings up someone trying to sell their comic-book collection. #
  • Morning sounds: sanitation & public transportation, no birds. I may have to start playing birdsong MP3s if this uber-chilly summer keeps up. #
  • Why does @twitter think my location is San Leandro, deep in the East Bay, when I'm in the Richmond District, 2 blocks from Golden Gate Park? #
  • The bathroom at @frjtz plays language tapes, I guess to help us get the Belgian part of the fries. Now that's commercial sound art. #
  • Despite how nifty all these smartphones are, none have made me more interested in talking on the phone. #
  • Glacial ambience: We're discussing the @_type re-release of Thomas Köner's Permafrost: Full album of streaming for free. #
  • Cartoonist Richard Sala has posted a comic I commissioned from him for Pulse! back in 1994. Movie-score fans will enjoy #
  • Headed to Sactown for the day. #
  • Just picked up a ticket to see John Zorn & Terry Riley playing as a duo at Yoshi's on August 26, 8pm. Man, am I looking forward to this. #
  • Fave @firefox addons: ChatZilla, Delicious bookmarks, Fission (URL mouseover + load statusbar), Hide Find Bar, Screengrab, Split Browser. #
  • Congrats to Paul Clipson, one of Film Comment's "25 filmmakers for the 21st century": via @studentsofdecay #
  • Putting the "hush" in "hush money." When one trade's physical-ecology green for acoustic-ecology pollution: #windfarm #
  • Morning sounds: a moiré lattice of high-pitched whir produced in tandem by the refrigerator and the Tivo machine. #
  • Further convinced the two most important household-care products are (1) generalized cleansing agent & (2) subscriptions to museum podcasts. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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