Orchestrated Drones (MP3s)

Saiph‘s Diffusion limns that space where electronic drone and classical orchestration meet. There is no doubt, in “Einsames Element” (MP3), that those are, indeed, tremulous strings amid the woodsy percussion, even if the strings are playing a role more likely to be handed to a synthesizer these days. And even on repeat listen, the knowledge of those traditional, symphonic materials doesn’t make it any more clear what, exactly, is the source of the light gusher of white noise, the fizzy wonder with which begins “Der Letzte Mensch” (MP3). Saiph’s melding of these elements puts guesswork aside, in favor of a contemplation of the inherent narrative, as when after-dark ambience, brush fire, footsteps, and horror-show voices collide late in “Mensch” for a truly filmic enterprise.

[audio:http://www.darkwinter.com/dw070/dw070-Saiph-01-Einsames_Element.mp3|titles=”Einsames Element”|artists=Saiph] [audio:http://www.darkwinter.com/dw070/dw070-Saiph-03-Der_Letzte_Mensch.mp3|titles=”Der Letzte Mensch”|artists=Saiph]

Get the full set, which includes a third track, and additional information, at darkwinter.com. More on Saiph, whose real name is Andre Faupel and who is based in Weimar, Germany, at saiphmusic.de.

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