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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Bill Fontana will transform @sfmoma bridge w/ "hypersonic speakers and vibration sensors that respond to visitors’ footsteps." Opens Nov 20. #
  • Want a push-poller to hang up the phone? Ask who is paying for the "research." (Speaking of which, surveillance exhibit @sfmoma on 10/30.) #
  • Construction solo: One lone, invisible hammer slap-echoes crosswise up and down the intersecting streets. #
  • The three Palm devices (IIIxe, Tungsten T3, Clie SJ20) in my closet temper my desire to upgrade from a G1 to a Droid 2, at least somewhat. #
  • When mashups happen in "real" life (aka meatspace): Patti LaBelle joins cast of Fela! on Broadway She'll play his mother. #
  • Trailer for promising film on "soundtracker" Gordon Hempton, whose recent book sits alongside Keizer's & Prochnik's #
  • Neu!, Roedelius, & Fujiya & Miyagi all have CDs on Gronland, the label founded by @groenemeyer, who scored Anton Corbjin's The American. #
  • Often when I read about a given DJ's ongoing "residency," I instinctively assume they're apprentice medical practitioners by day. #badtvshow #
  • Fog horns are out of control tonight. The Phantom of the Opera has put the pedal to the metal. #
  • I think of Los Lobos as the band that releases CDs between Latin Playboys CDs. My review of Tin Can Trust: #
  • The sign in the library reads: "Text Only Zone." Presumably that refers to mobile technology and not the institution's holdings. #
  • Despite all those James Murphy tunes in Greenberg, the film's overarching musical theme seems to be the act of dramatically truncating songs #
  • Soon as I turn off this computer, it's gonna be all the more quiet. #
  • Another day listening (mostly) to 1-track CDs: Ákos Garai (Pilis), Oxide (Chop Shop), Dirac (Phon), & Nilsen/Stilluppsteypa (Passing Out). #
  • That previous comment was John Lurie (Lounge Lizards) talking in the sad article about him in the Aug 16 @newyorker issue #
  • "There's a spot on Astor Place, near where the cube is, between B'way & Lafayette–a saxophone sounds incredible there at about 6 o'clock." #
  • Workmen next door just removed from ground an ancient empty metal drum 1.5x size of my car. That's what the banging has been about. #
  • Was just followed by musician whose recent album I was listening to a few hours ago. Maybe my @songbirdteam install has sprung a leak? #
  • No, silly @gracenotetweets — it's a Steve Roden 3" CD (Ecstasy Showered) not chapter 17 of disc 7 of Stephen King's Bag of Bones audiobook. #
  • This is the Bomb Squad: @shocklee notes @cdmblogs post on Isao Hashimoto's thermonuclear-testing sonification (1945-98) #
  • RIP, Jack Parnell (b. 1923), among many other things the (human) bandleader for The Muppet Show. #mahna #mahna #
  • I'll be presenting on storytelling (visual + serial, aka comics) at the #planningness conference in Boulder on Sep30/Oct1: #
  • So, iOS folders can only handle 12 apps despite a pane with room for another 8 & an interface that trained us to swipe across the landscape? #
  • Quake hit while listening to Bill Laswell, Toshinori Kondo, & DJ Krush. Now that's some heavy bass. (Also felt by @footage at 5:52pm) #
  • Only listened to CDs consisting of 1 track today: Celer Brittle, Terry Riley In C, Brendan Murray Commonwealth, Village Orchestra Sirens … #
  • Autofill choices in @soundcloud when listing a track as "8bit": 8bit, 8bitelectronic, 8bits, 8bitish, 8bit*synth*pop #
  • "We stared grimly at the radio": Katherine Dunn on listening to boxing in her dad's car while her mom screamed bloody murder. Black Clock 12 #
  • Used to think tags would replace genres. Still do, but this morning wonder if it may end up being waveform visualizations that do. #
  • Morning sounds: white noise of hard drives & traffic. Then: the beeping of bus slowing to stop while another passes in opposite direction. #
  • Car behind me kept honking as I backed up. Turned out to be empty, with an auto-proximity alert. How many beeps to drain the car's battery? #
  • I know far too much for my good about the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G and the Verizon Motorola Droid 2. I blame blipverts. #
  • Morning sound: a bus that definitely didn't stop for a stop sign. #
  • Headed north: 20 miles, and probably as many degrees Fahrenheit; iPod loaded for bear. #
  • D'oh! The SFEMF is across town, near Roosevelt's Tamales, but there's a special event at the de Young. No matter; just got my festival pass. #
  • The 2010 (Sept 9-11) includes Chowning, Buchla, Mathieu, Trimpin, Hammer, Müller, & Cortini & is walking distance from my house. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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