Electronics + String Quarter = “Glitch” (MP3)

If merely the list of ingredients entices you, then know in advance that “Glitch” by Daniel Wohl does not fall short, does not disappoint, and if anything is more than the sum of its equally spare and excellent parts. Those ingredients are the musical elements “string quartet” and “electronics,” plus the tantalizing “and” placed in between them, all of which is wrapped in that succinct title, which promises all manner of lovely brokenness. The promise is delivered, and Wohl has made three of the piece’s four movements available for free download.

The highlight may be the piece’s final movement, in which slowly bowed violin plays against Morse-Code-on-Quaaludes beeping, the two strains drawing together into a sluice of stuttered eloquence (MP3). This gives way to a Michael Nyman”“esque bounty of bright-skies melodicism, heard against a persistent — ingratiatingly grating? — industrial pulse.

[audio:http://www.danielwohlmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/i-drone-mix-1.mp3|titles=”Mvt 4 (I Drone)”|artists=Daniel Wohl]

More details on the music page at Wohl’s website, danielwohlmusic.com.

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