Key Track: Amnemonic’s Fourth World Journey (MP3)

There’s much to recommend Aboombong‘s Amnemonic, a recent five-track EP of lengthy instrumental experimentation, but if your netlabel-surfing time is limited (or your time in general, for that matter), you can be more than satisfied by sticking with its opening, and exemplary, track, “Cheshiahud Loop.” It’s a deep journey into Fourth World territory, that imaginary zone where modern technology and ancient tradition meld into a new culture. It opens with a cacophony of bazaar action, all ringing bells, vibrating drums, and ritual chanting. Over the course of its 15 minutes, “Cheshiahud” slows and thins to reveal its constituent parts, as if some majestic parade has turned a corner and you get to spy the professionals who make the magic happen.

<a href="">Cheshiahud Loop by aboombong</a>

The rest of the collection is recommended as well, a mix of metallic post-rock, crafty guitar counterpoint, percussive overlays, and other sonic avenues. The full set is available at And don’t let that “buy” link confuse you; you can pay “$0” if you choose — but if you pay more than five dollars, you receive some additional tracks. Aboombong is the pseudonym of musician J.C. Thorne.

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