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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Looked at Rapstar to see if Japan-made game features any DJ Krush (no but there's Premiere, 9th Wonder, Blaze); found this: #
  • New 75th-birthday edition of Arvo Pärt’s Tabula Rasa, 200-page hardcover book including score, CD, additional material: #
  • Morning sounds: various electric hums, faraway cars in motion, nearby bus, footsteps. #
  • Think my parents are at the Magnus Lindberg concert at New York Philharmonic. I'm receiving cellphone jpgs of stage full of junkyard metal . #
  • "Filling in crosswords won't make you Walt Mossberg." Fun chalk-graffiti video a friend of mine shot: via @mrscobra #
  • [email protected] You'd think if Apple were serious about HTML5 it'd put an iota of its massive coding infrastructure to work on making basic tools. in reply to pbailey #
  • Basic answer to "Are there iPad-friendly netlabels?": A direct MP3 link will inelegantly stream; no netlabels seem to have implemented HTML5 #
  • RT @osakimandias There is nothing in the world like the sound of a low-bypass jet engine. It's like music for aviation geeks. #fleetweek #
  • RT @mmaddencomics On Shannon Wheeler's website you can filter the strips by "penultimate silent panel": #
  • RT @harkaway Deep night's orchestra; tenuous sirens and dogs, wind in autumn streets. #idontusuallydohaikubutimanewdad via @greatdismal #
  • In the future, outdated technology doesn't just become art; art becomes technology. New @tate Muybridgizer app & @newmuseum GysinDream app. #
  • Little cold this morning for birds, yet I hear birds. Oh, it's not birds; it's Tiffany Defoe's sax playing through headphones on my floor. #
  • AudioGourmet: "Bandcamp saying you have to pay? This means our free download credits ran out. So we have done back up on Internet Archive." #
  • Pumpkin ice cream. The dish, straight up; the shop, a medley of industrial refrigeration drones. #
  • [email protected] By iPad-friendly I mean netlabels that stream from iPad's Safari with ease the way they do on regular old computer browsers. in reply to hecanjog #
  • Anyone have a list handy of iPad-friendly netlabels? #
  • My copy of new Lesser/Wobbly/Matmos album has arrived. Now I need to make my way across town to get it. It's like The Warriors, but ambient. #
  • My inchoate iPad thoughts: alarmingly closed protocol, novelty-consumerist propensity, poor wifi. And a vibrant tech-art developer community #
  • Not sure which is better in Osmos: the potential to become an "Ambient Master," or the title of its "Chief Aesthetic Officer." #ipad #ios #
  • Wondering if that poor town saddled with wind-farm noise pollution also "celebrates" Fleet Week. #
  • First sonic evidence of Fleet Week, plane rushing overhead like a serrated cloud. #
  • Osmos:Bloom::Soderbergh's Solaris:Tarkovsky's Solaris (that's not a criticism) #
  • Radio after my own heart: Hugh Levison's 8-minute, 2004 piece about his newborn's "snorts, bangs, clicks, and trumpeting" #
  • My brief review of new Bad Plus (Never Stop): no covers (a first), no vocalist (been a while), an addictive title track: #
  • When the iPad comes with a front-facing camera, all conversations on it will be Bill Viola videos. #
  • Current fave thing to do with iPad is run Circle Cutter in RJ Voyager's Doppelganger and just have it contort the sounds of the home office. #
  • Excited @artfagcity "Sound of Art" Kickstarter project now $513 over 10k goal, half a day before funding was to close. #
  • We replace one form of pollution with another. Details on "miserable hum of clean energy." #windfarm #sonicemminentdomain #
  • What's the word (aside from "ancient") for my feeling whenever I read an ebook that somehow, somewhere, there's a missing paragraph? #
  • Listening to new Rhys Chatham album on bus home from Music App Summit. Swabbing networked-media brainspace with monastic post-rock. #mel2010 #
  • Those protesters, it seems, aren't talking about digital privacy or tech-monarchic hegemony. Their concern: phone-induced cancer. #mel2010 #
  • Protesters outside #mel2010 with signs decrying "FCC/CTIA collusion." #
  • Music app, like funny, means different things to different people. Watch gearheads and novelties and content delivery share space. #mel2010 #
  • has interesting feedback-prodding engine, getting listener responses to musicians. #mel2010 #
  • The name of Dave Stewart's micropayment system appears to be "Famos" (no "u'). #mel2010 #
  • Dave Stewart introducing tiered/gradated micropayment system. #mel2010 #
  • disquiet: Q: "How long has your music app been in development?" A: "14 hours. Wait, what time is it? 15 hours." #mel2010 #
  • Q: "How long has your #musicapp been in development?" A: "14 hours. Wait, what time is it? 15 hours." #
  • [email protected] I'll keep an eye out for Rudess/Morph. I really dig his Hexatone, even if at times I feel like I'm playing a sonic RPG #musicapp in reply to rlainhart #
  • I guess Billboard calls its conferences "Summits" because "Show'n'Tell" lacks a certain gravitas. #musicapp #
  • Headed to Billboard Music App Summit; observe intersection of interactive tech, sound & that less frequent (until recently) factor: populism #
  • Would it be too much to ask that electric razors include information about the amplitude and key of their drones? #
  • RIP, Art Jarvinen (b. 1956), cofounder of California EAR Unit #
  • Much less chatter than expected in advance of tomorrow's Music App Summit. Anything there anyone's particularly looking forward to? #
  • ♫ Afternoon tune: industrial drone-craft from Tokyo-based Yasuo Akai #
  • "Sound of Art" LP project by @artfagcity has 61 hours to get last 13.4% of its financial goal: #
  • Increasingly aware listening to music with earbuds like eating food only with your tongue, ignoring rest of your mouth @Direwires @Big_Pause #
  • Are earbuds and 128kbps streams worse for music (sonically) than AM radio, or just different? #
  • Reminders in tonight's Mad Men how lo-fi both television and telephony were in the 1960s. Which is to say, still slightly better than Skype. #
  • If he ends up joining the ad business, then Peggy's new-ish boyfriend, Mark, is my current vote for the series' Don DeLillo character. #
  • "See that? I kissed you and it got quiet." (From tonight's Mad Men episode, "Chinese Wall.") #
  • Love concert-data detail: "first time in over 17 years…Breadfan…played in Sydney"; photo captions timed to the minute. #
  • Great. Bought bit.trip beat, and only later realized it doesn't work on the 2nd-gen iPod Touch. The iTunes store needs a generation filter. #
  • Video of @redefrecords visit to garage-record-store is like last scene of Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451 if it was about LPs #
  • "ambient tremors of unease," per A.O.Scott on @facebook film, means lurking online sinisterness not the Reznor/Ross score #
  • Plotting a proper podcast — should I just host it at or do people have other suggestions? #
  • Motor on the Fisher Price Kick & Play is such a great example of rhythm as drone that if it didn't exist @vuzhmusic would have to invent it. #
  • "It's reality. Rough edges are good" Director to reality-TV star on debut Law & Order: Los Angeles episode (with Mark Rothko as deputy DA) #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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