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  • Morning sounds: spoon against bowl, baby's small cries as she wakes, cars passing on wet street, hard drives. #
  • RIP, bassist Walter Payton Jr. (age 68), link between Preservation Hall Jazz Band & Lee Dorsey; father of Nicholas Payton #
  • I love getting packages from Russia #
  • iPod Touch (gen 4) + Bluetooth keyboard (Stowaway) + G1 phone + Barnacle Wifi Tether (app) = pretty darn good and highly mobile setup #
  • Picturing the vast warehouses where the robots making pre-election robo-calls will be stored once election day passes. Sleep well, robots. #
  • [email protected] Good question, where to start listening to Milton Babbitt. I'd say this great Babbitt/Amirkhanian interview in reply to tedfriedman #
  • Morning sounds: hard drives, baby's breathing and trumpeting, light traffic, and what may be a neighbor's dryer. #
  • Trading emails with Nigerian scamster trying to trick me out of iPod I put up on Craigslist is like communicating with brain-damaged cyborg. #
  • Dreaming of a Wayne Thiebaud / Steve McQueen mash-up, "24th Street Intersection" meets Bullitt. #
  • Man, now Nitzer Ebb is back. Who isn't back at this point? I want a Skylab reunion. #
  • Dear @myspace congrats on redesign; now howzabout including blog posts in emails instead of just providing a generic link back to yourself. #
  • Used to cafes playing music. Used to earbud sound bleed. Not used to multiple people at cafe on laptops watching videos without headphones. #
  • Gotten in the habit lately of turning off music shortly before noon, in order to hear the bells. As habits go, it's a good one. #
  • Once again don't notice that I've left the kid's Fisher Price Calming Vibrations seat on for half an hour, empty — calming, indeed. #
  • "The National Do Not Call Registry doesn't cover political messages…you've probably noticed that lately" via @lifehacker #chatterpollution #
  • Fireworks. #
  • "Decibels measure…intensity of…trouble…physicist gets into because he didnʼt take off his shoes first" per CNiemann #
  • The iOS autospell for "Napster" is "baldish" #
  • Happiness is discovering a brand new izakaya in your neighborhood. #
  • The Radio Shack (excuse me, the Shack — oy) near my house is closed today due to "technical difficulties," according to handwritten sign. #
  • Tuesday noon siren heard from inside ramen shop in SF's Union Square, muffled by walls, conversation, and slurping. #
  • Elevators are Tetris in reverse, bodies shifting at each floor so as to maximize mutual distance. #
  • According to the revamped Electric Company, the "ninja of the alphabet" is … the silent e. #thistweetisbroughttoyouby #
  • RIP, tuba player Harvey Phillips (b. 1929), whose Ringling Bros apprenticeship taught him music serves an alarm: #
  • Honking from numerous automobiles pierces my headphones on the bus; it signals a win by the Giants. #
  • "'the people's version' of the [Brion Gysin] dreamachine cell phone app" via @tommoody #

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