Top 10 Posts & Searches from October 2010

The list of most-read/visited posts of the past month is evenly divided between entries that did and didn’t focus on recommended (legally) free MP3s. First up, the latter: (1) An interview with the developer of the ShapeSeq music app, Paul Apfrod, who discusses interactive music (screen shot at left); (2) thoughts on John Cage and the poetry of sound in The New Yorker; (3) comments from netlabel proprietors regarding the impact of HTML5; (4) the seventh entry in the Sketches of Sound series, featuring Megan Kelso‘s kazoo; and, as is occasionally the case, one of the site’s automated weekly roundups of tweets from

The most visited/read free downloads were: (6) Vanessa Rosetto‘s auto-documentation of packaging; (7) Guy Birkin‘s data-intense Listen to the Weather entry; (8) Thomas Ankersmit doing deep-listening solo sax in an Estonian hanger; (9) Janek Schaefer‘s installation score for an art exhibit on Japanese fashion; and (10) Landrecorder‘s mixed-loops set of breathy chanting, guitar strums, and what appears to be resonant field recordings (cover pictured at left).

The top searches of the month were: DJ Food, Aairira, Alan Morse Davies, Aphex Twin, app, Broque, Buddha Machine, Constellation Records, Corridors, double bass, dub, Family Tapes, Japan, Michael Bullock, Notion Ink, and Oval.

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