Strings & Beats (MP3s)

The synthetic strings and looming backbeat of IoNizer‘s EP Infused Fear, available for free download from, turn any afternoon into a spy game. The backstreet ambience, all raspy pneumatics and hazy atmospherics, have the appeal of a modern-day espionage flick, minus all that bother about plot. Not that the album’s entirely free of the human element. Warped bits of spoken word are twisted and yanked in the title cut (MP3), sounding like snippets of intercepted transmissions, while “Artificial Intervention” (MP3) has a throaty female vocal that suggests recent turmoil. Throughout, the almost continuous strings and beats lend thematic consistency. The real keeper may be “Unnatural Calm,” not just for the hair-raising bird chatter and short-circuit buzz, but for the way the trip-hop-derived beat and orchestral swells are at times just out of sync enough to provoke not just anxiety but anticipation (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Infused Fear”|artists=IoNizer] [audio:|titles=”Artificial Intervention”|artists=IoNizer] [audio:|titles=”Unnatural Calm”|artists=IoNizer]

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