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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • When my two-month-old says "oh" it's the "oh" from opening of the Beatles' "Thank You Girl." #
  • Interview with one of my fave producers on non-musicianship: Oh, that's DJ Premier. Here's Brian Eno: #
  • Maybe it's just early but has no date for San Francisco. Unsilent Night is like the only holiday I like besides Turkeyday. #
  • Afternoon field recording: rain drips in a gallery while hanging a show from @wcraghead #
  • Six degrees of Doctor Wu, aka the Steely Dan Database: #
  • John McLaughlin is apparently sitting in with the Roots tonight on Jimmy Fallon. #tivoalert #
  • Nice. The iPad @buddhamachine allows six simultaneous audio streams: #
  • Morning sounds: baby hiccups, fridge, hard drives, cars. #
  • ♪ Early-evening industrial ambient audio stream: "Fatigue (Adamned Age) Mystified Remix" #
  • Dec @shonenjump announces big reboot for Jan 2010 issue. Can't wait to see it. Almost two years since I left as editor-in-chief. #
  • My kid increasingly reminds me of Minoru from the manga Baby and Me. #
  • Nearby Vietnamese spot calls banh mi "panini." Dim sum place: zongzi = "Chinese tamales." Are the pelmeni I just had "Russian xiaolongbao"? #
  • Track the subtle nuances in Don Draper saying "What?" ("Whuh?" "Wha?" "Whut?") #madmen #
  • Looks like next week's MP3 Discussion Group on will be the new Brian Eno album. #
  • Morning sounds: bus slow to stop, hard drives on stun, & (in my head) mishmash of countless Beatles songs I sang baby to sleep w/ last night #
  • Noticed I'm using @simplenoteapp more and @evernote less. For text, that is. Use the latter for audio notes a lot, but for text the former. #
  • Distant siren to the north and muffled televised newscast from living room (technically the south) conspire to suggest (false) emergency. #
  • 2nd or 3rd best thing about Brian Eno self-interview is people who don't get the joke. See comments: #
  • Angry Birds may be funnier with sound off. No grunting, wheezing or cheering. Just a Road Runner desert and much well-timed physical comedy. #
  • Hope early visitors for Seeing Orange: Dutch Design Week SF think orange-lit buildings honor Koolhaas, Wanders, Baas & Co #
  • If full copy of Put Me in the Zoo were as out of registration as the violet spread, it'd be on a shelf next to Carsten Nicolai's Moiré Index #
  • Want to read "Put Me in the Zoo" by Robert Lopshire to my baby. End up explaining what "out of registration" means. #
  • Election hangover: wake to find I agree w/ Scalia: "You are asking us to create a whole new prohibition?" re: vidgame law #
  • New Neal Stephenson essay "Atoms of Cognition: Metaphysics in the Royal Society" in Bill Bryson”“edited Seeing Further #
  • [email protected] May very well take you up on interview dare. These kick-interface Fisher Price toys are like Dance Dance Revolution for infants. in reply to apfrod #
  • Not sure what @michaelpachter means re: Nintendo DS being "under assault" by iOS. They make beautiful music together :) #
  • More Rip Van Winkle than Groundhog Day, we wake up and Tipper Gore has returned dressed as Arnold Schwarzenegger #
  • Kids in the street banging pots and pans. No, the Travel Channel isn't playing the background. The Giants have won. #
  • Non-stop election fund-raising pleas cause PBS pledge-month flashbacks; keep getting audio-visual hallucinations of John Tesh at Red Rocks. #
  • Zimoun, sound poet of the DC motor, moves from pastic and metal to the world of cardboard. Video: #
  • First electronic music in baby's heavy rotation is by anonymous chiptune musicians at Fisher Price. #
  • Many hours of the day, I get email newsletters from one or another newspaper from somewhere in the world where it is, at that moment, noon. #
  • Pre-order up for new @buddhamachine ("generation iii") — with pictures: Four extended loops, all played on qin (zither). #
  • Relieved that @stonesthrow has migrated its Beat Battles to @soundcloud in advance of the shutdown of #
  • Used to cheers during Giants-Rangers games while out & about. Sense sonic isolation at home. Just checked MLB score for 1st time in my life. #
  • Strange 21c commerce hybrid — auditioning hip-hop/r&b instrumentals on YouTube via phone app before purchasing 12"s. #
  • RT @pheezy Listening to a variety of late-night hums: power supply, refrigerator, air filter, disk drives and traffic. #eartwit #
  • RIP, George Hickenlooper (Factory Girl, Hearts of Darkness) — please say hi to John Linck for me. #
  • Hear marching band practice from shopping-mall parking lot: drums echoed, horns muted, timpani piercing. Like a Just Blaze beat, but live. #
  • Sold my Technics 1200s, same weekend as rumors float, again, of production stop. #
  • [email protected] Morning sounds, yeah, always with the hard drives. I've got to get better at tweeting from my flash-driven phone and iPod Touch. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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