Craque the Waveform (MP3)

The sine wave isn’t so much a sign of our times as it is a respite from our times, an antidote to sonic abundance and complexity. We’re inundated by an arguably unprecedented degree of sonic consciousness — from sound art to sonically refined consumer products to audio interfaces to writings on sound history and culture. This is why a track such as “FreeoBjecTs” by Craque (aka Southern Californian Matt Cooke-Davis) is such a pleasure. Billed as “free improvisation on homebuilt instruments and looper delays,” it has a refreshingly quiet approach. A good half of its 15 minutes are subtle shades of a waveform coming in and out of focus. Eventually percussion and feedback enter into the picture, but then at a pace that manages to build on the near silence, to supplement it rather than supplant it; .

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