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  • Familial sonics: baby's snoring on my shoulder, dad's (her grandfather's) from nearby couch. … Yes, plus light hard-drive whir (Tivo's). #
  • Reading Kevin Kelley's What Technology Wants on iPod Touch. Trying to sense whether iPod Touch thinks this is appropriate or disrespectful. #
  • ♪ Remix (or "experimental rearrangement") of the late Gorecki's Miserere from back in 2008, by DeadHorseMort: #
  • RIP, Polish composer Henryk Gorecki (b.1933). #
  • Feeding infant bottle outside Exposed exhibit @sfmoma. Feeling surveilled. #
  • Anyone seen side-by-side photos of physical keyboard on Droid 2 versus Droid 2 Global? Apparently it's been upgraded. #android #mobileoffice #
  • Morning sounds: shower, typing, hard drive, baby breathing, hum (neighbor laundry?), various netlabel releases. #
  • Played with new #thicketapp in beta; now upgrading to v2.0 permanently, leaving behind stage-shift surprise in exchange for broader variety. #
  • Do Eno's apps beat his albums? Small Craft discussion happening now. Who'd produce Eno well? What's the Warp factor? #
  • Gail Wight, whom I interviewed for Nature last year, among artists with linoleum-cut loteria cards in new @sfcb project: #
  • The Tuesday-noon city-wide alarm: less alarming than usual. #
  • Thanks to Thicket app dev duo @morganpackard & @joshue for participation in interview: Video of new version just added. #
  • Morning sounds: bus headed downtown, car noise reminiscent of the surf, refrigerator kicking on, hard drive. #
  • Evening sounds: dishwasher, laptop hard drive, footsteps, cars (more headed west than east), infant near-sleep babble. #
  • Whenever I see the band name Simian Mobile Disco, I mis-read it as Symbian Mobile Disco; attn: @davestewart #
  • There goes my evening — Kenneth Silverman's biography of John Cage, Begin Again, just showed up in the mail. #
  • Nice. Gentleman Losers' debut album to be reissued by City Centre Offices with "tasty bonus goodies" #
  • Ben Bunch's fantastic foam abstractions of video-game controllers & arcade coin-ops @ NYC's Proposition Gallery thru 12/5 #
  • Surprising, singing baby to sleep, how useful Grateful Dead songs are. Why? Droney melodies, lengthy lyrics. (So much pop has so few words.) #
  • Morning sounds: occasional car, high-pitched whine (various electronics), baby slowly waking (wheez, trumpet, fidget). #
  • Nothing like sorting out the office, shifting things around, and finding a snapped computer chip on floor. Wondering now what won't work … #
  • "Over the…3 shows in Brisbane, Metallica performed 40 different songs. Only 7 songs…were performed at all 3 gigs." #gratefuldeathmetal #
  • Morning sounds: steady rain, and with it how constant pinging creates a sonic image of the physical environs. Plus: slow cars, hard drive. #
  • For folks tracking the rich audio metaphors & sonic science in Fringe, next Thursday's episode apparently focuses on mysterious radio signal #
  • CRTC has added "new subcategory 36 (Experimental Music)"; distinguishes avant turntablism from beatmatching — for real: #
  • Lot of updates in ver 1.0.5 of Reactable mobile: 2 new scenes, Bluetooth headphone, 24-bit wav, beat/bar synchronization #

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