New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Taking the 9-volt battery out of the body cavity of my pickup-enabled ukulele makes it seem like some sort of cyborg device. #
  • On days when I don't make the "contemporary classical daily" ( I feel like I'm off my game. #
  • In (dis)honor of Black Friday, I suggest the "free" tag at, for legally downloadable and adventurous music. #
  • Leftover ingredients from homemade Rice Krispies treats led to best sound of day: snap, crackle, & pop I haven't heard in many, many years. #
  • Apparently before Black Friday comes Robo Thursday. #
  • [email protected] That'd be great. I have some more remix projects in the planning stages. Will let you know when they're getting going. #
  • [email protected] @deltaslide Thanks. Yeah, really loving the uke. And I will try a metronome. Playing chords backward helps plan transitions #
  • [email protected] @rddy It does sound like a drug-production-line term. If I ever compete in a beat battle, I may go as gramsop. #
  • Will be thankful when I can more smoothly transition from Dm to Bb on my new ukulele, as I teach myself to play the Beatles' "All My Loving" #
  • Why does it feel like Tron: Legacy already came and went months ago, and like we're still waiting for Chinese Democracy? #
  • Thankful for: #netlabel culture, hacker culture, music communities (@soundcloud), open source (Firefox, Android), donate-ware, & the cloud. #
  • "Forgive me, Boyle, but it's just too early for Mahler." "Of course, sir." NCIS: Los Angeles ("Absolution," 11/16) #
  • First bit of our Remixing Hanukkah project: @hecanjog & his Cedar AV buddies remix theme music from @tabletmag podcast: #
  • RIP, Throbbing Gristle's Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson (b. 1955). #
  • William Gibson's soundscape: RT @GreatDismal Very silent. Snow. #
  • Great early BBC term for professional turntable handler: "grams operator" (grams = gramophone), e.g. "Kid Koala is a skilled grams operator" #
  • Composer Alvin Curran discusses a British commuter-train installation/composition: #
  • Unsilent Night in San Francisco this year is Saturday, Dec. 18, from 7:30pm to 10:30pm — and as always, it starts at Mission Dolores Park. #
  • I've seen the past of music, and it's Bruce Springsteen. #
  • Morning sounds: laptop hard drive, distant urban hum (like a foghorn that's stuck), occasional automobile. #
  • I am sitting in a room (my office) listening to a high-fidelity recording of my office's room tone. It's like Alvin Lucier in reverse. #
  • Two tweets received in tandem: @geetadayal "asylum-seekers…have sewn their mouths shut" @dargel "My vocal lines are ridiculously elusive" #
  • Tuesday noon siren. So much louder with the windows open. Who would have thunk? #
  • Anyone else sensing that these $1/$1.99 deals for full-length albums will become standard price in the near-ish future? #blackeveryday #
  • Did I mention I bought a ukulele? Can't wait to patch it through my Korg miniKP Kaoss Pad… #
  • [email protected] Yeah, and "loco" is a consensual hallucination. Web erases geography, lets supposed outsiders/outliers find colleagues/peers. #
  • The shows Alias, NCIS, and Brothers & Sisters exist in same universe, if you accept Arvin Sloane secretly dated the director of Mossad. #
  • [email protected] Yeah, running @thicketapp while multitasking in iOS is a good example of visual glitch. (That's not a critique of the app.) #
  • Bad news: Multitasking in iOS 4.2 not as multitasky as basic Android. Good news, kinda maybe: Less likely interruptions while doing stuff. #
  • [email protected] @dtauvdiodr @bit_synthesis @vagueterrain Seen Cracked Media (MIT) by Caleb Kelly? (Not just 'cause he quotes my Oval interview.) #
  • [email protected] @dtauvdiodr @bit_synthesis @vagueterrain Yeah, Cascone's "failure" is what I meant by "error" in regard to "glitch." #
  • Now installing iOS 4.2 on my iPod Touch. See you on the other side. #
  • Post-podcast Hanukkah-remix celebratory lunch? Pelmeni, of course. #
  • "Glitch" is "non-traditional utilization of media tools" but I'd say that's broad. @Bit_Synthesis @vagueterrain It's about the use of error. #
  • Taped @tabletmag podcast w/ excellent host @saraivry. Details TK. Cool benefit: now have professionally recorded room tone of home office. #
  • [email protected] Woah — is that accordion part of our remix project? If so, super cool. #
  • Morning sounds: baby's breathing, jet overhead, more traffic than usual, refrigerator, laptop's tiny fan/drive. #
  • Switched Win7 screen-divider software from MaxTo to WinSplit Revolution. Gone are the ghost artifacts. Now have nice mode-shifting. #
  • [email protected] I can immediately see the parallel between the "experimental" music I'm talking about and your comics. #
  • Thanks, folks — @sbtrmnl @gurdonark @chefmenteur — check out the @markrushtoncom response re: "experimental": #
  • Fairly convinced a lot of musicians I like whose music is experimental don't consciously make experimental music; they make music they like. #
  • RT @thicketapp The Thicket dev team is helping @buddhamachine with a few little updates to their lovely iPad edition #
  • Nice thing about a relatively computer-free morning is the near absence of hard-drive and fan noise. #
  • I think autocorrect just turned Unsilent Night into Insolent Night. #badsanta #
  • Morning sounds: light rain, sleeping baby's breathing, no hard drives (computers off, Tivo several rooms and thick walls away). #
  • Blind guy making way down street, his walking stick banging against car doors. #
  • Thunder in the Mission, thunder strong enough to set off car alarms. #
  • Just saw Red. Comic movie continuity is confusing. First the Human Torch is Captain America, and here Doom is the Vice President. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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