Industrial Industrial Music (MP3s)

It’s like some cyborg neonate crying from its circuit-board cradle, the computerized whine that inserts itself a couple minutes into “Crooked Site Winding.” That’s the lead track off of Christopher McFall‘s new release on the netlabel The piece, aside from that computerized utterance, is classic industrial industrial music. If industrial music is rock that uses automation to toy with and tweak ideas of fascism, then we need another way to think about composition that uses automation to toy with and tweak ideas of automation. That’s industrial industrial, heard here — the album is titled A Long Time Running for the Suicide Strays — as a series of droning meditations on rhythm, electricity, and, yes, industry. That cry in the opening track (MP3) is quickly squelched, tellingly. The foghorn dirge that is “Tightrope’s Ailing,” the closing track of the album’s four, becomes texture for a roundelay of train-like clanging (MP3) — or perhaps it’s the other way around.

[audio:|titles=”Crooked Site Winding”|artists=Christopher McFall] [audio:|titles=”Tightrope’s Ailing”|artists=Christopher McFall]

Get the full set, which contains two additional tracks, at More on McFall at

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