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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Morning sounds: baby's breathing, plane overhead, smattering of cars, speedy bus, no birds, no hard drives (yet). #
  • The 24-hour video diner near me has closed. Where will I go at 3:30am to watch Splash and have an open-faced turkey sandwich with gravy?! #
  • RT @boondesign—Anander mol, anander veig on Boing Boing [Thanks, @xenijardin!] #
  • [email protected] Thank you, Alicia. So great to be able to let people extrapolate on your recording. (@tabletmag @saraivry) #
  • Best company name of the day: Algoriddim (makers of Djay for the iPad) #
  • ♫ Hanukkah, night/track 3: @pauladaunt remixes “Sivivon Sov Sov Sov”by @ohaliciajo; alt by @ocp_pt_vu #
  • RT @ohaliciajo holy crap, remix of chanukah song i covered last year played on today's @wnyc_soundcheck via @saraivry #
  • "E minor, it's pretty." –Dr. Bishop on Fringe ("Entrada," Dec. 2). #
  • "Anander Mol" / "Hanukkah remix" interview with Soundcheck's John Schaefer now up: MP3: Thanks, @wnyc! #
  • [email protected] Thanks, man! So much fun. Perfect to go from that Atlanta hip-hop book to Diego Bernal's remix of the 4th Ward Afro-Klez Orch. #
  • [email protected] Hope it sounded OK. That was so cool. Schaefer's New Sounds book was pretty core reading for me, senior year of college. #
  • Wikileak silver lining? Maybe netneutrality agnostics will take note. Newspapers now introducing people to terms like "IP address" and "DNS" #
  • [email protected] The title was the literary equivalent of the cover boobs that appeared months later. The article existed to support the title. #
  • Picturing the gang affiliations at MP3-blogger Gitmo: instrumental hip-hop kids, indie-rock mopers, exotica aficionados, 78rpm hoarders … #
  • Wired overstated the "Web Is Dead" stuff, but Homeland Security site shutdowns & Wikileaks overkill suggest the statement may prove true. #
  • I'll be on Soundcheck on @WNYC FM 93.9 (am 820) today at 2:20pm (EST) talking about the @tabletmag remixes. Show details: #
  • About that "TV remote control with 50% volume reduction button," I guess Congress has the situation covered: #
  • Thanks, @cyclicdefrost, for 'Anander Mol' writeup: "tonal static" "machine versus Klezmer standoff" "a light hearted joy" #
  • Solid thoughts from cartoonist @dylanhorrocks on cultural "ecosystems" vs copyright "raw materials" Samplers take note. #
  • It's cool the new @tivodesign remote does full qwerty, but how about a button to reduce the volume 50% when commercials blast on. #
  • Looks like I'll settle for some Caol Ila. #
  • I'd like a shot of Savage Fowl, please. #
  • Sholem Aleichem short story remixed (thanks @mystified131) + 9 other outtakes … Amazing cover art by @boondesign #
  • ♫ Hanukkah, night/track 2: Netherlands-based xntrxx remixes Dave Tarras klezmer wedding favorite “Die Goldene Chasene” #
  • The Glitch Mob are fun and all, but when I see their name, it makes me wish for a Markus Popp / Kim Cascone / Nicolas Collins supergroup. #
  • Arvo Pärt and Eminem both nominated for Grammy Awards. Let's hope for a team-up during the ceremonies. #
  • Who knew that 1:45pm is the lunch rush at the nearby dim sum place. #
  • [email protected] Wrote bit about Kelly's What Tech Wants at Was in group discussion at May write more. #
  • "Newly discovered Arsenic-based microbe raises possibility of new types of life." Defuses anthropomorphism in Kelly's What Technology Wants. #
  • "Newly discovered Arsenic-based microbe raises possibility of new types of life." GOP sees terrorist threat, asks why NASA hates America. #
  • ♪ To hear muted sirens played against automated arpeggios is a splendid thing. Black to Comm, live MP3: #
  • Klezmer breakbeats? Ambient folk? Creative Commons? Free Hanukkah remix album #4 most-read/commented/emailed @tabletmag #
  • Morning sounds: hard drive (desktop's, which gets louder the more I use my netbook), spoon against bowl (from kitchen), baby snores (FTW). #
  • A favorite coder-blogger is Jon Aquino of YubNub. He made a video of himself nodding: someone to "rubber duck" ideas with #
  • ♫ Hanukkah, night/track 1: @markrushtoncom remixes “Maoz Tzur”by Dov Rosenblatt, Rosi Golan, and Deena Goodman #
  • Michael Rapaport's 'Beats, Rhymes and Life,' documentary on A Tribe Called Quest, part of Sundance this coming year. #
  • Pondering Kip Hanrahan's mastery of artifice in his score to the film Piñero, now up at Perfect Sound Forever: @jgrossnas #
  • The stuff in James Wood's New Yorker piece about how Keith Moon is like Glenn Gould is especially interesting, if overly romantic. #
  • But James Wood's "subtlety is not freedom" (after Roth)? From context, I'll assume he means from the adolescent POV. Or he's being childish. #
  • "Let My Love Open the Door" comes on bagel shop's radio while I'm reading James Wood on Keith Moon in New Yorker; he's right about a lot. #
  • Our remixed-Hanukkah compilation now 3rd most emailed @tabletmag feature, & 5th most read, & 5th most commented #
  • Happiness is hearing the garbage truck on an adjacent street, and knowing there are no cans outside waiting in the cold to be retrieved. #
  • [email protected] I think of the dripping coffee as generative in that it's a rhythm produced as result of a system and is continuously changing. #
  • [email protected] Thanks. Much appreciated My sense is the dripping coffee would be concrète once I'd recorded it successfully, but I didn't. … #
  • [email protected] Is National Writing Month followed by National Editing Month or National Pitching Month? #
  • A watched pot doesn't boil — and an audiotaped cup of drip coffee doesn't make the same generative beat that it did before you hit record. #
  • [email protected] I forgot Wilde shares his day-of-decease with Pessoa. Thanks. Impressive afterlife cohort: Picabia, Debord, Acker. #
  • Listening to Ava Mendoza on a cross-town Muni. Very Jim Jarmusch passage. #
  • [email protected] I love listening to scores before seeing the film. A new Mansell is always good news. #
  • And John Slattery, known later as Mad Men's Roger Sterling, read DeLillo's Falling Man audiobook. Laurie Anderson read The Body Artist. #
  • Apparently Will Patton read audiobook of DeLillo's Cosmopolis. May need to listen, with an ear toward updating my essay: #
  • For @wordpress users (.org not .com) who check Twitter more often than your Dashboard, a new security update has appeared #
  • On the 75th anniversary of his death, a favorite Fernando Pessoa axiom: "Mute, because overheard." #
  • Very weird to re-listen to the Who after hearing their choicest snippets whipped into sonic-MSG frenzy in openings to the three CSI shows. #
  • I don't listen to much music w/ words but I dig @david_lynch's dark homebrew pop. Maybe aspiring filmmaker @thelittleidiot can make a short? #
  • Having one of those "Which browser tab is making that droning sound?" moments. #modernailments #
  • Best email subject header of the day: "Wikileaks to reveal MF DOOM identity" (@stonesthrow) #
  • Cool. Hanukkah remix project (all klezmer/folk, via ambient & instrumental hip-hop) now in top-5 most-emailed @tabletmag #
  • Tuesday noon alarm. Sirens kick in at slightly different times, leading to overlap and the illusion of echo. It's like a dub invasion. #
  • Falling hard for @simplenoteapp. Anyone recommend Win7 alternatives to ResophNotes, Notes for Windows, & GumNotes? #text #sync #cloud #ware #
  • Fernando Pessoa, from whose Livro do Desassossego (Book of Disquiet) my took its name, died 75 years ago today (via @ocp_pt_vu) #
  • So cool. Avatar on (verified) @MargaretAtwood Twitter account shows her enjoying Brion Gysin's Dreammachine #eyeswideshut #
  • Not to knock Daft Punk but I half want Tron to fail to help kill PR/marketing that yokes onslaught of "leaks" to subculture pandering. #
  • [email protected] One strength of @SoundCloud is it's most rewarding for listeners who make music. I'd almost say it encourages participation. #
  • Neat crowd-filter project at to determine tracks for Opaque Glitter album. #
  • The season-finale episode of Terriers is called, appropriately, "Hail Mary." Good luck to them. Hope it's renewed. #
  • Sensing urge to insert #hashtag comments into emails. Maybe a sign that I'll take a needed Twitter-break over the holidays. #presentshock #
  • "Closing of GM plant is focus of new musical 'Requiem'" #
  • What is Yiddish for "remix"? "Nokhmish"? "רימיקס"? The debate rages politely in the comments here: #
  • RIP, Irvin Kershner (b. 1923). When his Empire Strikes Back was first released we lined up so early that the theater added an extra matinee. #
  • We Invented the "Nokhmish" — well, not really, but we did remix some Hanukkah (and related) songs for @tabletmag: Enjoy! #
  • "since I've met you I've noticed things…I never knew were there before: birds singing, dew glistening on a newly formed leaf, stoplights." #
  • Six degrees of prog-pop: Sleazy of Throbbing Gristle/Coil designed covers of 1st 3 Peter Gabriel LPs: via @pheezy #
  • The drone of two night buses passing, by chance, in front of the house, both making the same half-hearted acknowledgment of the stop signs. #
  • Headed out shortly to catch 1960 Yukio Mishima film, Afraid to Die, @new_people #
  • Singing Beatles songs to baby when she's awake; reading on ancient British electronic music when she naps. George Martin is common ground. #
  • [email protected] Dig some period Delia Derbyshire. #dalek #

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