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Listening to art.
Playing with audio.
Sounding out technology.
Composing in code.

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  • A little post-C/Hanuk/kah word comparison: from @tabletmag #ngram #
  • First time I heard Cap Beefheart I was 11-ish. When I went home from my friend's house I told my parents I'd heard an LP made only of farts. #
  • RIP, Don Van Vliet (b. 1941), Captain Beefheart. #
  • I feel and think about netlabels today the way I felt about minicomics in the early 1990s. There's more to it than that, but it's a start. #
  • Noon church bells, mellowed in the thick drizzle. (So that's why it's called dampening.) #
  • Update on #delicious not shutting down but not staying at Yahoo: #
  • If you're in Fredericton, NB, CA; Traverse City, MI; or Asheville, NC, it's Unsilent Night tonight. @myunsilentnight #
  • Light Post-Midnight Traffic (B-Grade TV & Laptop Hard Drive Mix) #
  • Use of the word "ambient" really took off in the late 1970s. Who woulda thunk? #ngram #
  • Its Ninja versus Pirate, literary style: comparative chart of use of words for past 100 years: #googlengram #
  • Google Ngram graph of usage of word "disquiet" since 1900. Note uptick since 1996, year I purchased URL: #
  • If you're in Kettering, Ohio, it's Unsilent Night tonight. @myunsilentnight #
  • [email protected] everyone-who-wrote: refunds until three days. Need longer to know if it works (for my needs). Thanks for the tips. #delicious #
  • Delicious is the one external source I've used for my site (for the Elsewhere links). Need to sort out alternative. #cloudy #
  • Currently glad I don't depend on Flickr for hosting photos (re: closure report). #
  • Is this for real? Delicious closing shop? via @ario /// @techcrunch says "Yes" #
  • RT @boingboing Wax Cylinder: Occult Sonic Technology of a Bygone Age, Good as New (It's my latest BB piece.) #
  • Wondering why I don't list comics on @goodreads. Maybe because I read a lot as pamphlets, not when they're collected as graphic novels? #
  • Morning sounds: buses, lots of them, and things rattling as they pass. #
  • Ukulele-callus fingers sound very different against paper than do strumming fingers. (Paper in question is Charles Burns' X'ed Out.) #
  • "@ranjit: @disquiet looking for sonic activism participants, sample-based, due Sunday: [email protected]" /// Thanks. 3 tracks already done! #
  • Good news: Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound, Volume 1 (A-L), by Frank Hoffman, available as Google eBook. Bad news: $272. #
  • This seems very meta. Go to and it reads "temporarily offline." #
  • I think I have this right: Crawl -> Walk -> Run -> Fly -> Teleport -> Time Travel #21stcenturyparenting #
  • [email protected] Yeah, a successful mashup become a hybrid (that then gets, potentially, mashed itself). #
  • [email protected] Yeah, maybe — or mashups retain some sense of individual parts, while hybrids strive to become a new singular entity. #
  • Planning on starting two-week Twitter (and much Internet) break middle of next week. Cue chiptune version of John Lennon's "Cold Turkey." #
  • RT @lenpsmall you must prep Roker book w screws (re: "Saw John Cage bio up front on table at Borders, right next to Al Roker novel") #
  • A little bee-related music information for @boondesign #
  • Saw the John Cage bio up front on a table at Borders, right next to the Al Roker novel. #
  • "@ethanhein: I'm going to say, nope. RT @disquiet: do hybrid & mashup mean different things" Maybe it's a nuance: caution versus energy. #
  • Wondering whether we mean different things in any meaningful way when we say hybrid versus mashup. #
  • Remembering when a hybrid car meant it might float. #
  • Imagining an @oblique / @buddhamachine mashup/hybrid gadget. #
  • Morning sounds: two drones (refrigerator through wall + low-flying airplane). #
  • Video of Steve Roden's soon-to-close (Dec 19) sound/sculpture installation, inspired by Buckminster Fuller: #
  • "@BoingBoing: If You Meet the Buddha Machine on the Road, Hack It" In which I yap about new one & wish for the next. #
  • At home: two-monitor computer. Away, also two screens: iPod Touch & Android phone. Latter pairing increasingly seems useful, not redundant. #
  • Sonic-activism project clarification: It's sample-based, and due date is this coming Sunday. Wanna participate? Email me: [email protected]. #
  • [email protected] Amazing that after all the effort folks put into netlabels that RSS feed, contact info and geographic location often go missing. #
  • Our next little act of remixy sonic activism is taking shape. Have room for a few more contributors. Interested? Email me: [email protected] #
  • “@boondesign: Walking and humming Deerhunter song which was on radio when car ignited. #clairvoyance” Better yet: #clairaudience #
  • RIP, pianist/scholar Jacob Lateiner (b. 1928), who among other things commissioned and premiered (in 1967) Elliott Carter's Piano Concerto. #
  • Tuesday noon alarm here in San Francisco. One of those days when the tones start rising, and seem like they're never going to stop doing so. #
  • Saw no contact info on a netlabel's site. Finally discovered it in xml metadata buried in one of the label's project pages. #
  • John King: sketching in museums allows "comprehension through emulation, as artists have throughout time" / @deyoungmuseum should reconsider #
  • Great piece by John King on inane @deyoungmuseum prohibition of sketching in special exhibits @sfgate #pecksniffian #
  • Great #netlabel discussion going at my @boingboing guestblog post … 22 comments & counting. Name your fave netlabels. #
  • The netbook household is considerably more quiet than is the desktop household. #
  • Interested in some fast-turnaround sonic activism? Shoot me an email at [email protected]. #
  • [email protected] @artnetdotcom Could an art-critic detractor of an arena like sound art have a better name than "Dorment"? #
  • RT @vuzhmusic AGH! The spotlight is blinding all of us mole-people from the underground! #netlabel @boingboing #
  • "@mrdanielcarter: You may enjoy this:" I love me some Albers. Another great album-art site: #
  • [email protected] Totally. Amp hum is to great rock-derived music what once-a-mistake/twice-a-motif bum notes are to jazz. #
  • Gorgeous old-school "Seven Steps to Better Listening" vinyl LP album cover at #
  • … Gotta love that it's all about reproduction not reception, technology not comprehension. #
  • Step 7: Reduced record wear #7stepstobetterlistening #
  • Step 6: Elimination of buzzes and rattles #7stepstobetterlistening #
  • Step 5: Left-right separation #7stepstobetterlistening #
  • Step 4: Tone control setting #7stepstobetterlistening #
  • Step 3: Loudspeaker balance #7stepstobetterlistening #
  • Step 2: Proper loudspeaker connection (phasing) #7stepstobetterlistening #
  • Step 1: Left-right sound identification #7stepstobetterlistening #
  • The Seven Steps to Better Listening, via @mrdanielcarter#
  • Sharing some #netlabel love @boingboing #
  • Coming down from a Reverie Dream on the 22 Fillmore @inceptiontheapp #reactive #
  • Stepped outside the house just as noon bells began to ring. Felt very "OK Carillon." #
  • We've heard sonified Kobe quake data & Isao Hashimoto's sonification of nuclear proliferation. Anyone doing anything soundy with Wikileaks? #
  • Is "casual apps" redundant? #
  • If you're in Philadelphia, it's Unsilent Night tonight (Dec 13). @myunsilentnight #
  • As John Cage said to Morton Feldman: "I've never heard anyone boo a transistor radio." #cageagainstthemachine #
  • Video of Cage Against the Machine: … Sorry! That's Pootie Tang. Here's CAtM: #cage #charity #silence #
  • 14 years ago today I purchased the URL. It was Friday the 13th, 1996. The process involved a lot of faxing, as I recall. #
  • "@livingdancing: Retweeting also kills approximative word of mouth. RT @disquiet: File sharing is killing home taping." Man, I miss mouths. #
  • "@vuzhmusic: isn't it undergoing a renaissance? RT @disquiet File sharing is killing home taping." Is it, or just prerecorded cassettes? #
  • File sharing is killing home taping. #
  • "@benchilada: @disquiet – I try to moderate my moderation, lest it interfere with thinks like nightmarish whiskey binges." True, & bourbon. #
  • Moderation in all things, including moderation — but with the exception of comments moderation, which I'd like to keep to a bare minimum. #
  • WordPress keeps sending comments with more than one link to spam. I need to sort out a smoother comment system. #
  • My fave grits: jalapeño cheese grits at Cafe Atchafalaya in New Orleans (not far from where I lived) #gritsunday Been a long time, sadly. #
  • Church Bells (Baby's Snoring, Walls, and Distance Mix) #
  • [email protected] It's getting easier. There's a profile button in the @soundcloud app on each track, and it shows that user's track timeline. #
  • Latest @soundcloud app update for iOS links up with @foursquare — wondering if this will be a boon to locative communal field recording. #
  • Either someone is playing Christmas songs really quiet next door, or really loud a block or two away, #
  • Docent on historic house tour said a framed tin/conch vest was from a "pneumatic tribe." #steamtribes #knowmad #
  • [email protected] You know it. Unsilent Night in SF, one week from tonight. My newborn's first! #
  • Puerto Rican food for lunch. Yow, just yow. Will be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge more often. #garlic #pollo #bistec #plantain #moregarlic #
  • Re: @inceptiontheapp "@dizzybanjo: Some people are leaving it on all night!" Reminds me of a certain squence in Walken/Wood's Brainstorm. #
  • And there's a MIME joke in there somewhere #clowncomputing #
  • Ruby on Rusty Nails #clowncomputing #
  • John Wayne Gates #clowncomputing #
  • Musician Leyland Kirby has removed ("pulled down") all the content on his website, as of 12/8: via @warrenellis #
  • I hope a hashtag develops for tweets of @inceptiontheapp-induced anecdotes @dizzybanjo #
  • [email protected] Maybe they can add rubber-on-pavement sound effects to hovercraft, along the lines of the faux-motor that hybrid cars have. #
  • Enjoying Clone Wars. Makes up for the prequels. Amidala: tougher. Intrigue: greater. Clones: cooler. Action: extended. Jar Jar: absent-er. #
  • [email protected] If we get hovercraft first, will that help ease the transition? I guess different hov-tech will have different sounds. #

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