Scelsi Drones (MP3s)

Ángel Faraldo provides limited documentation for his beautiful Scelsi Remix: 7 Mantras, named for the late Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi. Faraldo states that each mantra, or chakra, in the collection takes a color as its theme, and that each piece is based on that color’s “light frequency,” when adjusted from the visual spectrum to the audio spectrum. The result is seven individual tracks that have a haunting, halo-like quality — they are short, self-contained drones enacted as if by symphony orchestras. Here, by way of example, is the fifth in the series (MP3):

[audio:|titles=”Ham”|artists=Ángel Faraldo]

They appear to have been intended either as backdrops to work by [email protected] 21, aka saxophonists Pablo Coello and Rafael Yebra, or as “interludes” played between pieces performed by the duo.

The full set is available as a Zip archive at More on Faraldo at

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