Like Fight Club. But in Public. With Laptops.

Every week, for the past 200 weeks, the Beat Battles sponsored by the Stonesthrow record label have set countless producers to work on a single shared sample. After ten score weeks, the Battle finally hit its 200th, and the showing was expectedly outsized. Here are some choice entries, each a different spin on a piece British theme-music exotica of credited to Alan Tew.

One of the pleasures of observing the Beat Battles is to hear the original through the ears of a diverse crew of producers, each teasing out their own selection of elements, and making of it what they wish.

Each week’s rules and sample are selected by the prior week’s winner. The basic rules are as follows:

Ӣ flip the chosen sample any way you want Ӣ outside drums and bass are allowed Ӣ no outside keys/synths (exception Рbass) unless stated Ӣ no acapellas Ӣ vocal samples/skits are allowed Ӣ cuts/scratches are permitted

In other words, it’s like Fight Club. But in public. With laptops.

Tictoc -{STBB199}- tryin’ not to hold you down by Tictoc Beats G-sus meets al By The G-sus by the_g-sus

Rockfellow STBB 200 – Dumbo’s Ears by Rockfellow

Sand Bags (StonesThrowBB200) by DanAkili

Nagi200 by Nagi beats

Seize Beats – Hundred (STBB 200) by seizebeats

STMB200 Alan Tew – ¥€$ ¥€$ edit by oldest toddler

Arem – FollowTheLine (ST Beat Battle 200) by prefermusic

Bonny Larmes – Stones Throw Beat Battle#200 by bonnylarmes

nice nate – STBB 200 – Holy Rollers by nice nate

HunWandred(ST Beat Battle 200) by user4535556

More on the battles at and

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