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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • By day, buses rattle past. By night, when they stop for passengers, the beepy dis/embark melody sounds like a Japanese train station. #
  • Weirdly frequent (and presumably DNS-related) issues accessing various websites this evening. #
  • Starting to find A/B stories on TV just as claustrophobia-inducing as verse/chorus/verse structure in songs. But at least TV has story arcs. #
  • Entirely caught up with email. Zero inbox. Victory! … Er, for 2011. … As for 2010, that's a major backlog. … #
  • Wishing a speedy recovery for Adam Yauch. #
  • RT @vuzhmusic New blog series #netlabel artists recommend free downloads, 2nd post by @disquiet #
  • Thankful for the #lessambitiousearthquake / Baby's first, slept right through it. #
  • Not one of the @gdgt #CES smartphone favorites has a physical keyboard. #kindabummed #
  • Lab Tech Manhattan #lessambitiouswatchmen #
  • I have unintentionally slurred registered nurses. Allow me to revise… #
  • #lessambitiousmemes #
  • Strawberry 10% #lessambitiousmanga #
  • Registered Nurse Strange #lessambitiouscomics #
  • Justice Club #lessambitiouscomics #
  • Fantastic Three #lessambitiouscomics #
  • Acme Novelty Department #lessambitiouscomics #
  • Trial of "one-time superlobbyist Paul Magliocchetti" sheds light on the Military-Symphony Complex: #
  • â–º Video of Latin sung at dawn in Singapore, multiple locations layered; think Lucier divided by Cardiff/Miller: #
  • Noon bells pierce the cold, and the closed windows. #
  • Relieved to learn, first hand, that the "version history" in @simplenoteapp works smoothly and effectively. #
  • That's pretty cool, 250-plus plays of my Unsilent Night field recording @soundcloud #surveillance #fluxus #
  • Evening sounds: traffic bleeds into hard-drive whir bleeds into general appliance hum bleeds into light tinnitus. #
  • [email protected] Yeah, you know, the second I wrote to you, I started wondering what the mail-art of email is. Spam is like Ballardian email-art. #
  • Just heard "da da" for first time. Sure, just random syllables by four-month-old, but still something. #
  • ♫ Afternoon analog-synth audiostream: Keith Fullerton Whitman live at the Bunker (2010.11.05), cascading-tastic: #
  • Best recent song title: Derrick Hart's "0073735963" (the code to get to Tyson on the NES game Mike Tyson's Punch Out). #
  • RIP, Ann Southam, Canadian composer (b. 1937) Listen Obituary Via @alexrossmusic #
  • Morton Feldman and Samuel Beckett's Either #lessambitiousoperas #
  • Hydrogen iPod #lessambitiousoperas #
  • Someone at @CNN appears to be learning how to use its email newsblast system this morning. #studentdriver #
  • RIP, Mick Karn (b. Adonis Michaelides, 1958), musician best known as the bassist for Japan. #
  • Pool scenes in recent CSI: Miami ("Match Made in Hell") resembled early Bill Viola video. Yesterday's avant-garde, today's Hollywood effect. #
  • Before designing the new Broad museum in downtown Los Angeles, Diller + Scofidio did this great mesh of corporate logos: #
  • Very emperor's-new-clothes, these touch tablets/phones. Tech writers describe each like fashion writers do the latest little black dresses. #
  • Libé for real. The DeLillo story from Harper's I mentioned is up there for free now en Anglais. via @1000DIGIKI #
  • Somewhat Attenuated Jest #lessambitiousbooks #
  • City of Lucite #lessambitiousbooks #
  • ♫ Pre-noon beats: Tictoc's entry in the 199th (!) weekly @stonesthrow Beat Battle: #
  • Remembering packing as much information as possible onto a postcard, to save on postage. #lifebeforeemail #
  • "Internet dark" comes in various shades of gray. (Back on Twitter, after two weeks of relative social-media/web silence.) #
  • Happy 70th, Hayao Miyazaki. Flipping thru my Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫) storyboard book bought after Ghibli visit during my first Japan trip. #
  • RIP, Carl Tupper, founder of BSI Comics in Metarie, La, where I used to shop a lot. Stands for "Book Swap Incorporated" #
  • Many thanks, belatedly due to my Twitter break, to Natalia Ludmila @n_ludmila for drawing my Twitter background. #
  • Following CES coverage with practical rather than hypothetical self-interest: my G1 is about to die; want to know what next phone will be. #
  • Morning sounds: low (refrigerator hum), middle (bus rumble), high (baby breathing). #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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