Sleepy Drones (MP3s)

The drones that comprise Somnogen by Saffron Slumber, aka Kevin Stephens, are more dynamic than they might seem at first — and than the sleepy one-too punch of artist and album name might suggest. The opening track, of six total, “Möbius Thought,” is a brief study in dawn-break synthesis that seems to shift tonal centers in a manner that hints at chords (MP3). And even if it doesn’t come close to resembling a proper song, those chords lend it a sense of movement, if not momentum, that runs in stark contrast to any claims of stasis. The mode is picked up again on “Oneiric Sun,” the album’s closing track, which moves back and forth in a manner suggesting the backing track to a lullaby by Julee Cruse and David Lynch (MP3). The piece here that arguably veers further from drone-ness, yet still is well within its gravity field, is “Torsion” (MP3), which adds a variety of light irritants that float atop the haze.

[audio:|titles=”Möbius Thought”|artists=Saffron Slumber] [audio:|titles=”Oneiric Sun”|artists=Saffron Slumber] [audio:|titles=”Torsion”|artists=Saffron Slumber]

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