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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Never has a police siren sounded more like someone fiddling with the controls of their new synthesizer fresh out of the box. #
  • "No texts were harmed in the making of this text." –Jonathan Lethem, from his book on John Carpenter's They Live. #
  • Oh, Clone Wars is better than at least three of the Star Wars movies because it's actually a serial instead of being inspired by serials. #
  • My new fave @soundcloud group, focused on music made from words: #soundpoetry #
  • The fog horns are in heat. #
  • â–º Afternoon audio stream: Mozart, chopped and screwed: "Accursed Confounded" by Guy Birkin #
  • The International Congress of Sound & Vibration … Not a new record label, band, record pool, or club night. #
  • "Durable contacts provide reliable connections with repeated mating cycles." Yes, I'm shopping in the USB-cable section. #
  • RIP, Trish Keenan, singer with the group Broadcast: #
  • Fog horns sound like an orchestra tuning up. #
  • Rain-soaked copy of Fahrenheit 451 on sidewalk. #
  • Murder at Geary & Polk. Such a mix of camera crews, bystanders, suited detectives and uniforms, I didn't know if it was real or a film set. #
  • Good news: more sound than ever in museums. Unintended consequence: those sounds overlap. #
  • Apparently photography isn't allowed in the @sfmoma exhibit Exposed, the subject of which is surveillance. (You can't make this stuff up.) #
  • Apparently I had about 30 programs (excuse me, apps) running simultaneously on my iPod Touch. #oops #genius #
  • Mobile audiostream review: Pandora (interesting), SoundCloud (very interesting), police scanners of the world (yowza). #
  • RIP, composer Roland Kayn (b. 1933) via #
  • #nexusstestdrive Day 2/30: Virtual kboard not so bad. May learn to live with it. Ingenious: extended-hold numerals on top row. #
  • The vaguely dubsteppy minimal techno that's creeping in my headphones is only improved by the occasional passing car. #
  • I'm all for anti-trust laws, but I wouldn't mind all manufacturers of baby onesies agreeing on a single pattern of buttons. #
  • Beautifully muted LED art, like an LED pinhole video camera: By Jim Campbell, currently at Hosfelt Gallery in Manhattan #
  • Website looks like it's from 1997 but Walter Murch gets 2011 career award from Motion Picture Sound Editors via @usoproject #
  • Seriously, Android 2.3 still doesn't have Bluetooth keyboard support? #nexusstestdrive #
  • Two vibrant tunes: @aaronkoblin's "pwnie" & @kristinhenry's "Triplet" (via @gaffta) #
  • Ads for Google Nexus S appear in apps on my Nexus S. Surprised the Big G can't tell I own one: Sign of privacy, or diabolical cover story? #
  • Is eating Alaskan lox part of this blood libel? #
  • If I Had a Hammacher Schlemmer Catalog #middleclassprotestsongs #
  • Talking Tofu Rice Bowl Blues #middleclassprotestsongs #
  • This Land's End Catalog Is Your Land's End Catalog #middleclassprotestsongs #
  • Help Save the Youth of American Apparel #middleclassprotestsongs #
  • 911 Is a Sitcom Pilot #middleclassprotestsongs #
  • Fortunate Sundae #middleclassprotestsongs #
  • Day one (and first tweet) on Nexus S. The phone's keyboard nullifies contractions by requiring extra steps to accesd the apostrophe. #
  • OK, gonna try a phone without a physical keyboard for a month. We'll see how this goes. (Nexus S.) #
  • Tuesday noon siren, more science fiction than usual. #
  • Got direct mail addressed to HR department. Almost as fun as emails from near-graduates asking about internships. #
  • NYTimes correction published 2 days after John Cage's initial 1992 obituary mis-characterized his music as "minimalist": #
  • Rules of classical-music album covers: make women look as come-hither as possible, and men like spies, professors, or mad geniuses. #
  • Some days the neighborhood church bells sound cozy. Others they sound like something out of Shirley Jackson's The Lottery. #
  • And the netlabel world is classical, too: [@gurdonark: Lucas Gonze's acoustics dispel notion "netlabel" is all electronic] #
  • "Leave the instant packet behind" is to news coverage of ramen what "Bang! pow! Comics aren't just for kids" is to news coverage of comics. #
  • Music those previous tags refer to is Dred, an EP of atmospheric beats by Jimmy Penguin: #
  • Great tag sequence: ambient hip-hop electro electronic experimental electronica experimental hip hop skratch music Ireland (via @primusluta) #
  • Lot easier drawing cool LP player than CD player. Harder still with sampler. But this insane J Dilla tribute does it up: #
  • Late night reading, writing, & listening to music on noise-reducing headphones. As a result of which, I feel the bus pass but don't hear it. #
  • Listening to Nam June Paik's "Hommage à John Cage" makes it even more difficult to listen to Girl Talk. #
  • Best thing about phonography e-lists isn't siren-test alerts. It's geocoded siren-test follow-up posts: #
  • Was Public Enemy's "By the Time I Get to Arizona" about surveyors? #
  • Should I worry about surveyors who show up on our block? They say they're prepping for re-pavement. But maybe they're municipal terrorists. #
  • Funny: iTunes segued from one album to the next, and I didn't know the second album was Cage Against the Machine until I heard applause. #
  • Experienced Michael Brook/Clint Mansell mash-up when I went to see Black Swan and the score to The Fighter leaked in from adjacent theater. #
  • Used to not be able to remember where I put a book. Now I can't remember which ereader I was reading it on. #
  • Menlo Park, Calif., is 12 miles from Newark, Calif. Menlo Park, N.J., is 23 miles from Newark, N.J. #mundanefringe #
  • Spam on posthumous blog: "like finding a flier for a dry cleaner stuck among flowers on a grave" (by @notrobwalker) #
  • "@carlstone: Today's Palindrome: Noise lesion" [Was that the sequel to Miles Davis' Live-Evil?] #
  • Is there no Blu-ray edition of Jean-Jacques Beineix's Diva? There should be a bootleg Blu-ray of Diva — that would be appropriate. #
  • A pleasure of field-recording mailing lists: advance notice on things like Cologne siren tests. It's bird migration for headphonists. #
  • Pondering cost/effectiveness of swapping out (Win 7) desktop hard drives for SSD ones. After computer-free two weeks, the whir is deafening. #
  • is neat, but it seems to frequently lose sight of the context in which original links appeared (citation, yes; context, no). #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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