Bach, Through a Sampler, Darkly (MP3)

Tokyo, Japan-based Yasuo Akai recently uploaded this reworking of a piece of J.S. Bach‘s Goldberg Variations. A listener from New Mexico praised it for its “wobbly” quality, and the word is quite appropriate. It’s not that the rendering solely takes the monastic geometries of the original and plays them as if on a vinyl LP left out in the sun for too long — though that is, arguably, what it often sounds like. Indeed, the broken, melted quality lends the work a maudlin sensibility, a deep nostalgia that brings to mind Kid Koala, albeit minus the beatcraft. But there’s more too this than simply a distortion.

By smudging the original, Akai has engendered new details, little crackles and creases, bent notes and fragile melodic intervals, that are entirely the result of the new version.

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2 thoughts on “Bach, Through a Sampler, Darkly (MP3)

  1. So you mean, they did not really record this on vinyl and leave it out in the sun? I indeed suggest a feeling of sun, summer and heat… if not in the material, at least in the music.

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