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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • It says "Goodnight noises everywhere" which is how I like to read it even if it's almost certainly "Goodnight, noises everywhere." #
  • I asked a cranky (but not rhetorical) @quora question about how to rid the site of the plague of "best" inquiries: #
  • â–º Yasuo Akai's smudged Goldberg Variations is the loveliest thing I heard this week: Initial thoughts: #
  • There is definitely some correlation between missing socks and spare computer cables. #
  • So now we all inhabit an alternate universe in which Fringe airs on Fridays. #
  • Cleaning office to sounds of latest Buddha Machine, plus guest appearance by noon bells. #
  • Many thanks to Justin Orr (of for drawing my new Twitter background, part of the ongoing "Sketches of Sound" series. #
  • Post-midnight sounds: TiVo hard drive, distant cars, lightbulb. A dense quiet. #
  • You've been at your computer too long when you're surprised your TV doesn't require you to enter a password. #
  • Thanks again to @n_ludmila for drawing my great wallpaper, from my "Sketches of Sound" series. New image up shortly. #
  • ♪ Evening gaping-maw fuzz-drone: "Fleshcave" by @whaleclaw of Austin, Texas, via @warrenellis #
  • Why not Fb? It's basically AOL with a nice UI. Why Fb? Astonishing how many accomplished musicians and heavy listeners make a home there. #
  • Very infrequently, if at all. "@vuzhmusic: @disquiet Out of curiosity (don't intend to join FB), you planning to have exclusive content?" #
  • OK, "official" URL for Disquiet Facebook page: Though Facebook can take it back, and probably owns my DNA. #
  • Earliest page, from 11/1997, in @internetarchive Wayback Machine: (Site actually dates from 12/1996.) #
  • [email protected] New Wayback Machine looks pretty darn elegant. Nice one. #
  • [email protected] Oh, totally. I personally think that "indie" is a ridiculous term, one that fetishizes an urchin-like place in the world. #
  • I guess "indie music" is a catchier term than "unindentured music." #
  • [email protected] Excellent. Like a scene from a 1970s version of Being Human: an AA meeting for Frankenstein's monsters. #
  • Black Swan is about two actresses with competing movies about being in casual sexual relationships with friends who want to be movie stars. #
  • America: where the mentally unstable can purchase firearms but scientists can't futz with video-game consoles: via @qDot #
  • In San Francisco Saturday? It's the opening of Zimoun's @gaffta exhibit of his tiny-motor-driven installations, e.g.: #
  • Read @softskull Deep Focus series in North Beach, people think you've got poetry chapbooks; it's actually novelists writing on "genre" films #
  • Experiencing town-gown flashbacks as I read about KUSF FM closure. Apparently my own FM alma mater is online-only these days: @wybcx #
  • Feel terrible I missed KUSF protest to catch Zimoun in concert @swissnexSF, but his appearance in San Francisco was a rare one. Great show. #
  • Reading Christopher Sorrentino on Bronson's Death Wish, reminded that Tucson is where the nascent vigilante gets his gun as a gift. #
  • Spent far too much time today reading up on the hows (and mostly how-nots) of implementing USB keyboard on Android phone. #nexusstestdrive #
  • "@bldgblog: Listening to the "ultrabass sounds of the giant star xi Hya":" #
  • Facebook Page for has been interesting. In a few hours 45 people Like it, only half of 'em from my Friends. #
  • "@primusluta: Went to help a friend through an MRI. Don't remember it being so loud. Made me want to play MRI machine like an instrument." #
  • According to search at, my mention of Quatermass in my Cage/BBC review is the 1st in the mag since 1997, and only 3rd since 1989. #
  • My review for Nature of new John Cage bio (Knopf) & BBC Radiophonic (Oxford) is in Jan 20 issue: #subrequired @naturenews #
  • Artificial as in intelligence not sweetener. #
  • If you do Facebook, I set up a "Page" (TM) for #redundant #yetnot #
  • 44,000: No. of albums necessary to sell to be #1 on Billboard charts this week. Lowest ever. Nonetheless, congrats to Cake, who did it. #
  • Very excited to see Zimoun and Jim Haynes tonight at @swissnexSF #
  • RT "Q: @carlstone Has your daily tone ever been a palindrome?" "A: @disquiet No, but my piece Nak Won is" #
  • Finished a book (Kevin Kelly's); bought two more (Lethem, Sorrentino). This is how the forces of Hydra plan to take over the world, right? #
  • RIP, rock promoter Don Kirshner (b. 1934), via @defjaf #
  • Just perfect that the Internet Archive's entrance (in my neighborhood) is a former Christian Science "Reading Room." #
  • After thinking about Tokyo bars last night, needed curry lunch. #jimbocho #richmonddistrict #
  • Noon sirens sound like someone slowed 'em down. #
  • I know "toxins" are real but the term is used so broadly that when I read it I think how in the past people spoke of "humors" and "angels." #
  • Today, Jan. 18, is clearly the day when music and art publicists break their new-year resolutions to cut back on email. #
  • [email protected] My pleasure. Been in my head to focus more on sound poetry this year, and then, lo and behold, I come upon your Howl(s). #
  • [email protected] "Dirty LP: Images of Living-Room Turntables in the Films of Clint Eastwood" #
  • Three words keep coming to mind from this past weekend: "rumble strips ahead." #
  • On this sunny afternoon the fog horns (deep, emphatic, spartan) are like the audio track to a Godzilla serial directed by Jim Jarmusch. #
  • I like to imagine that Donnie Yen's movie IP Man: The Legend of the Grandmaster is about fighting copyright violations with martial arts. #
  • For #Android folks, my first post with photos shot (at packed gallery opening) on my Nexus S: #testdrive #
  • Everything I play on my ukulele today will, in effect, be a duet for ukulele and fog horn. Hope the horns can keep up! #
  • Absence of video games in Entertainment Weekly's 2011 preview (just film, TV, books, music) suggests pop-cultural myopia of epic proportion. #
  • The @quora service is nifty, but it's fast become a tyranny of "best" — best this, best that, as if one size fits all. #
  • It's almost as if one of the neighbors is playing Ingram Marshall's Fog Tropes really loud. #richmonddistrict #
  • Didn't catch the Golden Globes, but very glad that Trent Reznor (and Atticus Ross — c'mon people, it wasn't a solo gig) won for best score. #
  • My kid is 4.5 months old today. I'm playing Nick Lowe's "My Heart Hurts" to her on my ukulele. I think she's singing along. Or heckling. #
  • Looking forward to first non-repeat episode of Young Justice. If it's twice as good as the premier "movie," it'll be OK. #
  • Cool. The Charles Bronson film The Mechanic (1972), on which the new Jason Statham is based, is in the "watch instantly" section of Netflix. #
  • "@dishliquid: Wet road smacked by tires, broken screen door twisting in the wind, macbook fan whirring/whining, stomach growling." #eartwit #
  • Morning sounds: baby noises, hard drive, computer fan, typing, refrigerator, bus. #
  • "@GlennF: The crows are going insane outside. It sounds like 1,000 car alarms" #eartwit #
  • There is so much fog that the horns tonight seem redundant. #
  • Great opening night at Sound pieces:Ginsberg poetry cutups & audio-directed auto-drawing. Bonus: Neil Young sighting. #
  • "qDot: Putting small mics in the elevators at a furry con would make for one /hell/ of a field recording project. #fc2011 quot; #

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