New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Tip for our era's musique d’ameublement: "@daveseidel: appliances likely based on 60Hz, which is where I tune all of my (non-improv) music." #
  • Morning sounds: fairly certain microwave & computer fan are octave apart. Also: bus, baby snore, ice crackling in black coffee, one bird. #
  • I parsed new @rushkoff book Program or Be Programmed from musician-centric POV: (on @wammusic) He did play w/ Psychic TV. #
  • ♫ FYI, Egyptian e-musician Mahmoud Refat has music alongside Zimoun tracks on some CDs. More Refat tracks: #smallworld #
  • ♫ Straight Outta Cairo: More experimental Egyptian music: Mahmoud Refat's glitch-ambient "Searching Data" #
  • ♫ Straight Outta Cairo: Experimental Egyptian music for when reading latest uprising news: (Hassan Khan live in 2009) #
  • Wondering, as I do on occasion, the extent to which the Human Target is a highly literal compression of Shade the Changing Man. #
  • Notice up at an uncharacteristically coy "Touch Radio at The British Library National Sound Archive": #
  • And, in SF Public Library's comics collection, Hellblazer is broken up alphabetically by author. #continuity #
  • Comics categorization at SF Public Library is a riot. Some Dungeon alphabetized under Blain not Trondheim due to name order on covers. #
  • If I get enough done today then I'll treat myself to concert apparently featuring induction coil generator made from feedback of 20 strings. #
  • Two days without yubnub and I have gone back, command-line tail between my legs. #
  • Noon Bells (Dishwasher Mix) #
  • Posted thoughts about tech un-self-consciousness of most pop music. Then got excited by @jgrossnas tweet about Nick Lowe reissue. #hypocrite #
  • Obvious to point of underestimated: how MP3s don't degrade. Listening now to 10-year-old rip of BBC stream; still sounds just as it did. #
  • I don't think music publicists understand how much they undermine themselves & each other with sheer volume of communication they produce. #
  • One Piece anime BitTorrent downloaders sued. Translation: the accused would be pirates of pirates #
  • Did CS Lewis write a fable for parents of newborns about a magical wardrobe containing clothes that aren't all stained with spit-up? #
  • Amazon Kindle Singles were invented primarily to help people prop up their GoodReads stats. #
  • Some day there will be a J Dilla bot retweeting all Raymond Scott references. #
  • RIP, country singer Charlie Louvin (b. 1927) via @lenpsmall @countrymarxist @fbjournal His warbly vowels contained multitudes. #
  • The Dow just hit 12,000. Edge Question: Will it hit 36,000 before or after the web dies? #
  • Martin Scorsese: Ingram Marshall, may I use Fog Tropes in Shutter Island? Marshall: OK. Scorsese: Is it OK if DiCaprio vomits in the scene? #
  • NYC gallery's Facebook page for 'Social Photography' exhibit (cellphone images) disabled due to TOU violation. #antisocial #
  • Fantastic four to the floor: "@LardyRevenger: I just heard some bass so fucked up, it sounded like Galactus farting." #
  • Some images and impressions of Zimoun's concert @swissnexSF with Jim Haynes last week: #
  • Trying to wean myself from yubnub. … Mostly this means not putting a "g" before every search entry. #
  • Pondering the gray zone between "spec script" and "fan fiction." #
  • Magical. "@onyudo: It's a sad day when the 'burp & fart piano' is the #1 free app in the apple desktop app store." #
  • He'll wrestle with Nokia's @davestewart "@geetadayal: named Intel director of creative innovation:" #
  • The folks at @swissnexSF are incredibly polite. Zimoun concert began with this request: "Please turn off or at least turn down your phone." #
  • Trying to decide how to mentally balance the simultaneous Egypt protests and the KUSF protest. #
  • Pondering the presence of EFF and Creative Commons pages on Facebook. Are they embassies, shantytowns, protest sites, provocations? AOTA? #
  • RT @goodbully: "Taco Bell must've taken its cues from the rap game by using fake beef to make a quick buck." via @raynardfaux #
  • Tuesday noon siren, filtered through a lot of dubby netlabel goodness. #
  • â–º David Lynch's "I Know" single, this time remixed into a "weirdstep" dirge by @Jon_Hopkins_ on @soundcloud #
  • [email protected] Yeah, it's less the Android kboard, which is good; it's (1) diminished screenscape and (2) motion on public transportation. #
  • Couple weeks into Nexus S test drive, and I'm still not a virtual-keyboard guy. Guess I'll try G2 next, or Evo Shift? #tactile #
  • "@ario: Best way I've heard a mix described in a long while: 'Only 26% Shazam-able!' [email protected] Mix in question:" #
  • RT @donald Resurrecting my Chachi Jones alter ego for Sacramento Electronic Music Festival this Sat. @SEMFpresents #
  • Wondering if the Jason Statham remake of Charles Bronson's The Mechanic will have a similar, gutsy, dialog-free first 15 minutes. #
  • [email protected] Culture jamming has always been about disrupting media signals but how do you do it when the media's signal is dispersed noise? #
  • "@primusluta: @disquiet Exactly!! It's not disposable income anymore, it's disposable time. You make the noise they brand it." [Well said.] #
  • 4 of 5 Oscar best-score noms were on my Top 10 list. I've yet to see Train Your Dragon, but admire John Powell (esp. Mr. and Mrs. Smith). #
  • Google Reader painfully slow right now. #
  • Popularity of 2010 Top 10 lists on, declining order: 1 iOS Sound Apps, 2 Netlabel Releases, 3 Commercial Albums, 4 Film Scores. #
  • Good one. "@chunter16 @disquiet 'Bass fiction' meaning there's really no bass?" #
  • From Kode9 press release: "Don't call him 'dubstep' he prefers to call his music 'bass fiction.'" How about "illbient"? #semantic #genrewars #
  • The price of happiness? $6.56: tan tan noodles at Panda Country Kitchen. (Not to be confused with the fast-foot chain.) #szechuan #
  • [email protected] Southland is freeing, like watching laughless MASH. Bleeps a little forced, but scorelessness gives every engine & fridge meaning. #
  • After watching an episode of Southland, it's hard to take seriously any show with a musical score. Which is to say, just about any show. #
  • "The changing table is in view, and the strip on your diaper is blue." #toatunebydavidbowie #
  • There will be a Save KUSF rally at San Francisco's City Hall tomorrow, Tuesday, January 25, at 1:00 pm. #
  • My pleasure. RT @panospria Review of "Les Nostres Necessitats" by Arnau Sala, thanks to Disquiet: #
  • So, a douchebag is just a hipster whose conceit is showing? #
  • Late morning sounds: the chamber of horror that is a pediatrician office visit. #
  • Just learned of two musicians I admire meeting up because one learned of the other's tour because they both follow me on Twitter. Wonderful! #
  • OK, I've set up a @goodreads list just of sound-related books I'm reading: #
  • Dr. Bishop wears guitar boxers. #
  • If you adhere to the idea that today is louder than the past, consider how present in foreground was much of Erik Satie's Furniture Music. #
  • Thoughts on Christopher Sorrentino's book on Death Wish: // Electric-jazz score by Herbie Hancock #
  • Do I write more reviews on Goodreads than Amazon, comforted by illusion I'm not directly participating in an imminent financial transaction? #
  • "@TinyNietzsche: The sound of one account unfollowing." via @mbytz #
  • Early morning sirens. #richmonddistrict #
  • Won't be making the Zimoun opening at @GAFFTA tonight. Baby's first cold takes priority. #doublesniff #
  • My favorite @Edge Question response: how free jazz trains us to "work beyond proven cognitive patterns": #
  • Autocorrect is a greater plague than autotune. And autofill is a greater plague than autocorrect. #
  • Almost seems unseemly to "Like" Facebook obituaries. Maybe there should be "Thanks for letting me know" or "Ditto" buttons. #ui #ux #mores #
  • RIP, artist (sound, visual, conceptual) Rolf Julius (b. 1939). Listen: Look: Read: #
  • Anyone seen DJ Premier's Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 2 as a digital download, or is it vinyl only? #
  • RIP, conceptual artist Dennis Oppenheim (b. 1938). See his Crystal Recorder: via @ubuweb #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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