How Many Free Improvisers Can You Fit on the Head of a Pin?

Diatribes walks a unique path, between European free improvisation and microsonic experimentation. The duo of D’incise and Cyril Bondi between them are credited, on Complaintes de Marée Basse, with playing laptop, objects, snare drums, bow, cymbals, gramophone, drums, percussions, bow, cymbals, as well as “various instruments.” Somehow, despite that plethora of material, they manage to bring a third player into the mix, Abdul Moimême (equally equipped: “two prepared guitars, metalic objects, springs, cymbals, metronome”), and still sound subdued, remote, even tiny at times, all that noisy detail distilled to the point of being nearly silent. Exactly how many free improvisers can you fit on the head of a pin? Perhaps the answer is three. The first track, “Pavillon Noir,” is by far the most hectic of the batch, and once the album proceeds past it, all the banging and clanking and scraping gets ratcheted down to the point where it sounds like field recordings of a particularly busy old furnace, especially on “Voile et Vapeur,” in which the interplay is at once bleak and fanciful (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Voile et Vapeur”|artists=Diatribes & Abdul Moimême]

Get the full release and more details at It was released in December 2010.

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