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Listening to art.
Playing with audio.
Sounding out technology.
Composing in code.

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  • Evidence of social media's value as self-selecting filter: few people in my social networks cared it was "Social Media Week." #
  • [email protected] @mapmap Here's a request for at least one @soundcloud taste while you're still in the studio. #
  • At the library, a guy reeking of pot just took out five books on garden pest control. Let's all wish him luck. #
  • It's just possible this Creative Commons T-shirt won't help dispel the idea CC-licensed art isn't ready for prime time: #
  • It's funny to look at the Facebook pages of netlabels and see which ones are and aren't "in a relationship." #
  • Dear @goodreads if someone hasn't reviewed a book, why do you persist in including a "see review" link next their name in a search result? #
  • We're discussing what videogame music is "worthy" of Grammy's attention. Not that Bieber & Maroon 5 set the bar high #imr #
  • Wondering how well cellphone word-prediction is preparing us for sentence-, paragraph-, and book-prediction. #
  • If you do Facebook, there's a page for that. #ambient #phonography #soundart #remix #noise #silence #
  • Mubarek didn't understand that, traditionally, positive political news gets announced early in the week, not on Fridays. #
  • RIP, Symbian. Are e-ecosystems (like "natural" ones) inherently diminished whenever a species goes extinct? #
  • J Dilla died five years ago today. #
  • I miss Fällt. #
  • RT @vuzhmusic Feb. Art Forum has Hua Hsu on Tellus, Alan Licht on Robert Wyatt, + Christian Marclay. Is ArtForum becoming @thewiremagazine? #
  • 2/22 is the birthday of the man who gave hertz their name (Heinrich Hertz). Call for celebratory sound art here: Due 2/15 #
  • First, the book review with a seven-month lead time. Now the record review with a four-month lead. I love the old world. #
  • â–º Cicada singing at 1/8 speed, a glowering chorus of insectoid dread: Via @timprebble #
  • It's oddly unnerving when the L.A. Times beats the New York Times via email to announce something like Mubarak's non-resignation. #
  • [Bingo.] RT @Entroporium: Didn't this used to be named Remain In Light? RT @disquiet: Eno co-producer on new album from Seun Anikulapo Kuti #
  • Hey, @carlstone and Robert Henke share a birthday: today. #
  • Urban foodies stand in line the way American classical-music audiences applaud. #
  • Brian Eno credited as co-producer new afrobeat album from Fela's son, Seun Anikulapo Kuti (Knitting Factory, June 21). #
  • After my tirade y'day on Homans' absurd Black Swan critique, Macauly groks Clint Mansell's effort: #
  • Mid-morning sounds: sleeping baby's breath, desktop drive/fan, fridge, occasional email-arrival beep; no traffic, no birds. #
  • "@EdieBushwick: You may also look into 'Conversation' and 'Parallax View' (1974)" [Two of my favorites, especially Murch's Conversation.] #
  • The Mechanic (1972), The Limits of Control (2009), The American (2010), The Mechanic (2011). Thinking about mercenary silence. #
  • Netlabels come and go, just like regular record labels. Counterintuitively, they leave a more self-evident trail: the un-updated webpage. #
  • [email protected] Oh, totally — the Grammy award that supposedly includes television music rarely ever nominates television music. #
  • LACMA's free online art catalogs include great 'Report on Art and Technology Program (1967”“1971)' Thanks, @tylergreendc #
  • Pondering the absurdity of the Grammys' extended delay to recognize video game music: #imr #
  • Gotta love a library Baby Rhyme Tyme event that involves the pre-song instruction "whatever works logistically." #
  • It's a 2-meetup day. Tonight: @soundcloud (San Francisco), but first: Baby Rhyme Time at the library with my 5-month-old. #
  • I'll be interviewing sound artist Zimoun in coming week or so. If you have any questions about his work, @/DM/email me. #
  • I really need to visit New York between May 20 and June 11: (Ryoji Ikeda solo exhibit.) #
  • â–º Church-choir super-slo-mo remix, just beautiful: #glacial #
  • My thoughts on the Grammys' comic indifference to video-game music goes live tonight here: Part of 5-day media-yap #
  • A press release about a ringtone doesn't deserve one exclamation point, let alone three. #
  • "@timprebble: ahhhh the cicadas are singing – they are so happy to be alive" #eartwit #
  • "Dubstep" has really become to much electronic music what "digital" was and "green" is to moving consumer goods. #
  • â–º Experiment in chord progressions by Saffron Slumber: It's like listening to Erik Satie morph into Harold Budd. #
  • Didn't think I'd read something that would make me want to defend Black Swan. Until this: #
  • Per @sashagrey interview, wondering if tape splices are the new modular synths. It is a natural progression from current cassette revival. #
  • Facebook page for Egyptian musician Ahmed Basiony, slain during January uprising, now 70 followers shy of 6,000 #
  • New from @evernote: "Edit styled notes from your Android device." This will have me revisiting it. #
  • Gotta love invitations to (non-fundraiser) cultural events that include the words "cordially invited" followed by price of admittance. #
  • Sasha Grey has a noise band Another branch in the tree of Soderbergh-related sound. via @xlr8r #
  • Finally got to the Zimoun exhibit @GAFFTA. If you're in San Francisco, you need to see this DC-motor-powered set of installations. #
  • BBC picks up Ahmed Basiony's (alt: Bassiouni) death during Egypt uprising: musician, artist, teacher, husband, dad of two #
  • Morning sounds: heater, shower, cars, bus, typing, laptop drive/fan, TiVo drive/fan. #
  • To the 2 people who care, I've adjusted to virtual keyboard. But I returned the Nexus S, 'cause absence of notification light = ridiculous. #
  • Excellent: the AP's Karin Laub picked up fate of late Egyptian musician Ahmed Basiony, interviews his gallerist friend: #
  • I do wonder if the price of physical comics is a conspiracy intended to spur ereader purchases. #
  • Lawrence Lessig's Creative Commons isn't a conspiracy to engender lots of free entertainment in order to sell more electronics. #
  • Help @djrupture answer the question "What if the DJ were the NGO?" in Morocco: @kickstarter #
  • Today's San Francisco noon-Tuesday siren recon mission: the Cantonese edition (25th Ave and Lincoln, in the Sunset). Accomplished. #
  • RT @robsheff happy 100th birthday Elizabeth Bishop and thank you. "All the untidy activity continues, awful but cheerful." #
  • â–º Happy #dilladay — now go listen to @whyarcka "gettin' Dilla out my system." Side A: & Side B: #
  • RT @pheezy "Wesleyan U Press is busily preparing 50th anniversary hardcover edition of Cage's maverick Silence (1961)" #
  • "@digiki: Curation is not selection. Curation is about making sense and drawing new connections between contents." [Sing it, brother.] #
  • Facebook page for Egyptian musician Ahmed Basiony, slain during uprising on Jan 28, now 9 followers shy of 5,000 #
  • Learning to play Buddy Holly's "Well Alright" on a ukulele isn't a huge accomplishment, but it feels good. #
  • Have I missed out on any IPv666 paranoid end-times chip-implant conspiracy-mongering? #
  • Remember the Angie/Marvin Steve Reich mash-up? There's an app for that — or at least an electronic Takara Tomy toy: #
  • JJ Abrams Super 8: "Stand by ET" / "You guys wanna go see an alien?" #
  • Just noticed that after all this Depeche Mode joking, I've never posted my DM interview on I'll get on that. #
  • Ezra Pound: "The artist is the antenna of the race." … Gov. Nikki Haley: "Tear down this antenna." #
  • How is playing a video game more antisocial than reading a book? Have I been reading books incorrectly? Should I be reading them out loud? #
  • â–º Straight Outta Cairo: "Electronic music from Egypt, the Arab world and International …" #
  • Of the past week's memorials to slain Egyptian musician Ahmed Basiony, this is work I most want to know more re: #jan25 #
  • Far enough in the future, as information blurs and smudges, people will think David Hume was a philosopher of free wifi. #
  • I'm not very interested in writing about commerce but I recognize that my favorite way to buy music these days is via @kickstarter projects. #
  • Bunch of us talking about pop music at In Media Res in run up to the Grammys Hosted by @tedfriedman #
  • I saw another one just the other day / a special new netlabel: #
  • There are a whole lot of sirens in the (San Francisco) Richmond District right now. It's like surround sound. #
  • Re: last tweet: This seems to be this @lifehacker post (pizza-box phone stand) run thru synonym-izer. #
  • There will be an internal Domino's Pizza memo cautioning franchises on depleting stock of plastic box inserts by giving 'em away sans pizza. #
  • So, @votediego (aka @dbernalmusic), running for San Antonio City Council, has campaign event there on Feb 12. Question: Is he DJ'ing it? #
  • Facebook page for Egyptian musician Ahmed Basiony slain during uprising on Jan 28: now 75 followers shy of 4,000 #
  • I've got a piece on systemic non-gamer cultural myopia regarding video games in a nifty online anthology this week. I'll link when it's up. #
  • It's 72 degrees in the house. If I wanted this, I'd move to the Mission and pay more for my living quarters. #richmonddistrict #
  • Dear Mr. Shakespeare, I'm really sorry you didn't live long enough to experience CTRL Y or CTRL Z. They're awesome. Love, Marc #
  • Anyone know how to run multiple instances of ResophNotes (portable) on Windows 7? #
  • "@banyek314: a madarak már minden zenét megcsináltak elÅ‘ttünk" [Roughly: "the birds' music was there before us," I think] #
  • Facebook page for slain Egyptian musician Ahmed Basiony who died during uprising: now 31 followers shy of 3,000 #
  • If you hear ping pong on public radio, it's likely a report on ex-cons. Or ping pong. Or Both. #
  • The full-length album is arguably younger than the justices seated on U.S. Supreme Court, excepting Kagan (b.1960). #
  • Highly recommend following @dizzybanjo & @geetadayal as they LT the MIT computer-music symposium, streaming here: #
  • Noon Bells (Skateboards and Old Carburetor Mix) #
  • Reading on ukulele sites how certain types of wood are sexy slightly takes the gross out of how tech writers call cellphones sexy. Slightly. #

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