Polish Beats (MP3s)

The percussion flanging left to right, splintering into feedback. The vocal snippets put through the glitch equivalent of autotune. The beats blank and broken. This is how Eufoteouria, on its self-titled album, makes instrumental hip-hop. The set’s 10 tracks, recently released on the dustedwax.org, are loping ventures into Poland’s after hours (there are two with guest vocalists rapping in Polish). Highlights include the muffled piano of “Spinal Cord” (MP3) and the robot torch song that is “7 am Blue pm” (MP3).

[audio:http://www.archive.org/download/DWK080/Eufoteoria_-_03_-_Spinal_Cord.mp3|titles=”Spinal Cord”|artists=Eufoteoria] [audio:http://www.archive.org/download/DWK080/Eufoteoria_-_02_-_7_am_Blue_pm.mp3|titles=”7 am Blue pm”|artists=Eufoteoria]

More on Eufoteoria, aka Poland-based Amadeusz Szczerbowski, at myspace.com/eufoteoria.

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