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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Morning sounds: hard drive/fan whirring, heater revving up, toilet tank refilling, fridge droning, baby cooing. #
  • First blue screen (of death) I've witnessed on this machine, almost a year to the day since I bought it. (Noting for future reference.) #
  • Android shoutout: PDANet (tether, SMS agent), Barnacle (wifi hotspot), OverDrive (ebook); widgets: Pure Calendar, Sticky Pad, Google Reader. #
  • Upton Sinclair is the John Muir of industry. #protophonography #
  • At the cafe, the flyer for the Textured Earring Workshop is tacked to the wall next to the flyer for the Digital Storytelling Workshop. #
  • [email protected] A pair of ebows for one of Blood Wedding people. One for one of Vertex guys. Vertex drummer's battery-power brush may count, too. #
  • Wondering if tech firms do anything that's the engineering equivalent of wearing sexy underwear in expectancy of @ifixit teardowns. #
  • Spoiler: As a paranoid fantasy of professional rivalry, Unknown is more entertaining than Black Swan. + Bruno Ganz :) – No Clint Mansell. :( #
  • Odd @nytimes piece calls Rothko Chapel, Satie & Cage "quirky, discerning picks"; it's syndicated @texasmonthly content: #
  • It was a three-ebow evening. #
  • Tonight's agenda: Blood Wedding and the Norwegian duo Vertex at the Luggage Store. #
  • Afternoon sounds: hard drives/fans (netbook, TiVo), sleeping six-month-old's breathing, distant dog, cars on wet street, typing. #
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4G pairs w/ Bluetooth Think Outside keyboard (DroidX + NexusS didn't w/o BlueInput app). Now, if only USB keyboard worked. #
  • Continuing my cellphone trial-period search: now using the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4G (returned Droid X and, prior to that, the Nexus S). #
  • San Francisco art PSA: @gaffta exhibit by Zimoun closes Saturday. It's a must-see/hear. Video example: #
  • I'm all for removing the taboo of calling San Francisco "Frisco," if only to make it more Twitter/SMS-friendly. #
  • According to SpeedTest my current phone has better web connection (T-Mobile/Samsung: 5.32↓ 1.83↑) than does my home (AT&T DSL: 4.94↓ 0.63↑). #
  • has been quiet. March will bring "new TouchRadio by Hild Sofie Tafjord" + "TouchRadio news." Can't wait. #
  • Yes, briefly misinterpreted the words "animal sound or movement" today as a lyric during Baby Rhyme Tyme at local library. #
  • Wishing I could make the Christian Wolff lecture (tomorrow) and concert (Saturday) at Mills, but timing conflicts abound. #
  • The guy behind Jaydiohead & Dub Kweli made a Clint Mansell”“sampling rap EP based on sci-fi film Moon: #
  • Poet Toni Mirosevich will read from her The Takeaway Bin, inspired by Eno/Schmidt Oblique Strategies, @SFPLNews (Main Branch) March 2, 6pm. #
  • Evening sounds: dryer, dishwasher, cars. #
  • Borrowed a book (an ebook) from the library on my phone while on the bus and started reading it. #
  • Noon siren on a clear day, followed by its standard announcement, so muffled that were there an emergency it would serve no purpose at all. #
  • Remembering living in France (summer '86) when Libya was major threat. Was a human conversation piece, there were so few Americans in Paris. #
  • Netbook days are so much more peaceful than desktop days. #
  • Open-source classical: crowd-managed scores. Service named for Petrucci, who 1st used movable type to print sheet music: #
  • Bringing the Outdoors In: performing John Luther Adams' nature-infused "Inuksuit" #
  • Kenneth Kirschner redesigned and the indeterminate pieces (halfway down page) are particularly recommended. #
  • Facebook page of slain Egyptian electronic musician Ahmed Basiony who died during Jan uprising 172 followers shy of 9,000 #
  • "[Playing ']Waterloo Sunset[' to my (nearly) six-month-old on a ukulele], I am in paradise." #
  • If I'm not mistaken, the New York Times runs Phillip Alder's bridge coverage just as often as it runs Seth Schiesel's video game coverage. #
  • Apple patent uses acoustic transducers as gestural interface. Is that what Keith Jarrett's been up to all these years? #
  • Much microsound music is what the Saw movies might have sounded like had Samuel Beckett conceived them. #
  • Evening sounds: dishwasher, drip coffee, footsteps, hard drive/fan. #
  • â–º J Lesser records a San Diego winter storm, all drizzle, wind chimes, and vehicular droning: #
  • Outside it's like if Blade Runner had been set in East Germany instead of Los Angeles. #
  • Sometimes I wonder if Groupon and Kickstarter are the same service with different skins. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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