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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • "knife that slices through any ambient noise on a block in a particularly clamorous part of the city" on cab whistles #
  • Does all work and no sound make Jack a dull typist? #
  • Facebook page of Egyptian electronic musician Ahmed Basiony, slain during Jan uprising, 309 followers shy of 10,000 #
  • [email protected] @ilkae All interesting takes. I do think that embouchure ultimately is about the intimacy of the man-machine interface. #
  • RIP, Tommy Bermejo, founder of our neighborhood restaurant Tommy's, founded in 1965. He's from Oxkutzcab, Yucatan. And he knew his tequila. #
  • "No results found for 'Skinner Beatbox'" #
  • What is the digital equivalent of embouchure? #
  • Glad to hear @kickstarter Morocco project of @jfpetersphoto @MagaBo @Tal1es1n & @DJRupture met goal. I was the first backer, back on 2/7. #
  • The foghorns have returned with wild tales of their adventures. #
  • Photos of the terracotta army of the @InternetArchive #richmonddistrict #
  • Buy a Susan Philipsz book via Tesco's estore, she having done sound art piece ("Filter") in actual Tesco in 2004 #meta #
  • "Bix to Buxtehude to Boulez / The little white dog on the Victor label / Listens long and hard as he is able" James Merrill, via @robsheff #
  • Morning sounds: drone of neighbor's vacuum cleaner is creating sonic moiré patterns with drone of nearby construction work. #
  • My dev interview on @thicketapp got adapted for @csindependent, local newspaper of half its creative team, @morganpackard #
  • "All … subscriptions (except Lifetime Patron, unless you are reincarnated) renew automatically after the indicated period." #
  • Thinking about the homebrew singularity at the core of Daniel Suarez's novel Daemon: #mmorpg #games #augmented @goodreads #
  • When people speak of The Conversation, The Parallax View & Three Days of the Condor they should also speak of Colossus: The Forbin Project. #
  • Just got my first campaign call in San Francisco mayor election. Q: "Do you know whom you'll support?" A: "Yes, whoever calls me the least." #
  • Meet Xiang Zhang, Berkeley scientist developing plasmon lasers inspired by the echo effect of whispering galleries: #
  • My buddy Eric dedicates himself to covering superhero (non-graphic) novels. Follow @superheronovels #comics #manga #capeswithoutpictures #
  • More than a new tablet, I just need someone to show me how to hack a better speaker into my Toshiba netbook. #
  • [email protected] Yeah, I'm not opposed to autotune by any means, but some implementations do inspire in me a kind of road rage. #
  • This Ukulele Kills Right Notes. #
  • Apparently the URL is available via some GoDaddy service. Maybe someone will make use of it. #bent #blue #ipad2 #
  • "@cinchel: I like to contrast that w/ a Lee Ranaldo quote: 'There are no wrong notes, only new ones'" [Yeah, and second time, it's a theme.] #
  • Pondering iPad 2 purchase. Celebrating end of Apple event by playing "Imagination" (Van Heusen/Burke) on my uke with plenty of bad notes. #
  • This, though, is inspiring: "It's in Apple's DNA that technology is not enough. It's tech married with the liberal arts and the humanities." #
  • Mid-morning sounds: rough wind, cars on wet street, the light click of the liveblog of Apple event at @arstechnica #
  • And this, from Jobs: "Anyone can make music now." Wondering in contrast with "when." #
  • [email protected] Yeah, having flashback to MIDI demo I witnessed at Vegas tech event in early 1990s: guy at piano extolling end of bad notes. #
  • Pondering this phrase from iPad 2 demo of Garage Band: "They make it so you can't play a bad note." #
  • Finishing last 50 pages of Daniel Suarez's novel Daemon while keeping eye on @engadget Apple event liveblog. There must be a connection. #
  • RIP, Mark Ryan (b. 1959), former guitarist (as the Kid) for Adam and the Ants, later successful playwright (Dr Jekyll) #
  • Recuperating from flu. Hit the family hard. Fortunately, the six-month-old recuperates quickly. Get me via email if you need to nudge me. #
  • Next month marks 12th "Sketches of Sound" entry. Also lined up: excellent July 4 piece. If you want to participate, lemme know. #
  • Tuesday noon siren: so peculiar on a bright, almost blindingly sunny day. #
  • Can someone explain the new cover to DeLillo's White Noise? Are headphones mentioned in the novel? What's with the cross? #
  • Mid-morning sounds: as intense family-wide flu slowly comes to a close, reportage of household sounds will become more publicly palatable. #
  • These OS X Lion screenshots have me wondering if Apple may also be getting past its no-widgets mode on iOS. #
  • RIP, Nobutoshi Kihara (b. 1926), developer of "Japan’s first tape recorder and transistor radio" and the Betamax #
  • As an experiment, I kept track of how many music PR emails I got in one week: 267. Not a meaningful statistical sample, but still. #
  • I think I need a capo for my ukulele. The older sheet music in the library is A D F# B (not G C E A). #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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