Noise from J Lesser (MP3)

Noise from J Lesser — a mix, as he explains on the track’s page, of two devices: the MeeBlip (“the hackable digital synth) and the Skreddy Echo pedal (“tape-like” delay). Those quotes are not from Lesser, but from the promotional pages for the individual pieces of equipment. Lesser’s noise is like that of a private BBC Radiophonic Workshop, a science fiction soundtrack, all hovering UFOs and robot-overlord alarmism, rendered with the lo-fi charm of a 1950s movie lightly glossing on Cold War concerns with pancake makeup, silver overalls, and threats of alien invasion.

The specifics of the equipment would mark this as music-for-gearheads a decade ago, but the facts of the web are that simple searches yield clues about not just make and model, but culture and context, in this case a match-up between the small-brew tech world of DIY engineering, and the old-school world of shredder footwares.

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