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There’s a reason that a commenter on Marcus Fischer‘s track “110410 (Waiting)” said that it’s “like looking into the sun,” and that reason is a moment. The moment arrives approximately 46 seconds into the piece. There’s a slight lift at that juncture, and for all its simplicity, a mere rising change in notes, it feels like daybreak, like the sun breaking cloud cover, like the great bald head, as William S. Burroughs once called the red-yellow globe, peeping its eyes over the horizon.

By chance, Fischer’s track appeared just before one by Matt Dean in my “Dashboard,” the linear jukebox of incoming tracks posted by musicians. Well, technically just after, because the tracks appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent at the top. Without my realizing that I was no longer listening to Fischer, I heard his dulcet drones give way to slowly building insectoid buzzing, as if the heat of a summer sun had stirred life, when in fact the buzzes are all Dean’s.

The tracks have almost nothing, sonically, in common, and yet they complement each other perfectly. Narrative is an even more powerful force than genre, as any good DJ will tell you.

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