Decidedly Unchipper Chiptune (MP3)

Three months in a row, which is something of a record at least for the past year or so, the netlabel has served up healthy doses of unhealthy chiptune-derived music. The MP3s on Hexawe tend to veer from the retro, chipper arcade simulacra that defines much chiptune and instead head headfirst into noisier climes. As heard on Thrash Bandicoot‘s “Threat,” this isn’t a matter of common noise (MP3), of so-called (mistakenly so, if it must be said) unmusical sounds, but instead of disparate impulses. Stitched together into a suite-like format are elements of fuzzy bass and echoed vocal snippets, and techniques ranging from sudden junctures to a sense of counterpoint that verges on randomness.

[audio:|titles=”Threat”|artists=Thrash Bandicoot]

More on the netlabel at Thrash Bandicoot is the duo of Kool Skull (Juan Larrazabal, and Droid Song (Jack Taylor). Many of the numerous samples heard here are courtesy, wittingly, of Chalices of the Past (

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