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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Just thinking: for moms who like comic books, this is a pretty cool weekend. #
  • [email protected] @vuzhmusic Been looking at HTML5 players that support "standard browsers" & iOS. Like per @mbytz #
  • In regard to web hurting local record stores, I feel less guilty buying music on Kickstarter cause those albums don't exist yet #
  • Corresponded with publicist who quickly accepted "No thank you" as reply: "thanks for listening! best I can ask for." Please clone her. #
  • This morning's backdrop: vinyl surface noise and harmonium. #
  • Regulation should require browsers to say what you don't see: iOS, Android, etc. Milan Kundera Unified Web Transparency Act. #
  • Occasional reminder: if you do the Facebook, there's a Disquiet page for that: #
  • RT @osakimandias When the revolution comes, those who set prices on HDMI cables (aka 6' of plastic/copper) will be first up against the wall #
  • Sing it. RT @whyarcka samples are where u never expect them to be #
  • Very productive day. Time for Puerto Rican food. #
  • Trenchant drones #
  • If you live in #415 & are wondering when it's gonna rain, my guess is: a few days, soon as I'm done with these writing/editing/etc. projects #
  • The reported promise of HTML5 reminds me of that old joke about how many Microsoft engineers it takes to change a lightbulb. #
  • Kinda, right? @falsereactions Wait…really?! They're going to make us wait 3 full years, all while defanging Adobe platforms? Ridiculous. #
  • HTML5 has a 2014 target — in time for the iPad 5, maybe iPad 6. #
  • When will HTML5 be ready for prime time? My iPad 2 is asking. #
  • Yeah, that's part of why I increasingly think of industrial music and "industrial industrial music." RT @disquiet Or "industrial music"… #
  • Don't matter how up to date you are w/ commercial music. W/o knowing netlabels like test tube & Resting Bell, you don't know what's going on #
  • It might be useful to stop calling it commercial music and start calling it commerce music. #
  • [email protected] Is there a reason most, if not all, HTML5 audio players don't show meta data (title, act) in the interface? #
  • This is "molto interessante." Someone has translated my "netlabel checklist" into Italian: #copyleft #excellent #
  • Luciano Berio was a crate digger. #
  • iPad app I've used the most this week: Penultimate, jotting notes while reading (physical) book w/o stopping to pick up pen #
  • Song cue ending last night's Good Wife was one of the great TV-drama music moments this year: tone-setting, game-changing @GoodWifeWriters #
  • Buddha Machines on stun. #
  • Just clicked on actual web ad, one of those squares appearing in margin of a web page, due to a book having a Bruce Sterling quote. #
  • After feeding my 8-month-old avocado, I think I know what a happy baby Vulcan vampire would look like. #
  • Morning sounds: bird song, breathing of sleeping baby, hard drive/fan, refrigerator hum. #
  • Hoping that the late Osama Bin Laden never had time to read Daniel Suarez's novel Daemon. #
  • Successive tweets: (1) @sublamp closed tunnels under LAX; suspicious package. (2) @Shocklee BOMB SQUAD Tactical Beats and Sample Artillery. #
  • New version of Penultimate iPad app includes Paper Shop with alternate background papers, including 10 types of sheet music. #
  • "This update is free because you own a previous version." In contrast with what other kind of update? #ipad #ios #idontknow #
  • Great addi(c)tive synth app by @kinlog. RT @RichardDevine The app 'Grid' for iPhone/iPad is free for 24 hours: #
  • My pleasure. @thakupa This is the best review I've read of my Bit Pairat album. Thanks to @disquiet for the review → #
  • Two drivers at four-way stop so distracted by Tuesday noon siren they nearly drive into each other. #
  • Berio musings pushed back to next week. #
  • Anyone out there using Linux as a dual boot (with Win 7) on an Acer Aspire One and want to recommend your distro of choice? #
  • Chance street diptych: #
  • Evening sounds: toothbrush, water, Tivo hard drive, TV crackling to a quiet after being turned off, minor traffic, heater. #
  • Rhythmic early-evening listen: ("record a number of 'everyday' sounds, and then combine them into a musical statement") #
  • Oh, two more Win7 freeware musts: WinSplit Revolution and Volumouse. I depend on them so much they've become invisible to me. #
  • I had good excuse missing SFEMF last year: my kid's birth. Great to hear Stephan Mathieu's set via @gacougnol #
  • RT @ubuweb WNYC's "New Sounds" host John Schaefer picks UbuWeb's Top Ten for May: (@wnyc #
  • Excuse, me: Keepass, not Keypass. #
  • Fresh Win7 install. Freeware shoutout: InputDirector, Filezilla, Resoph, DropBox, Simplenote, QMP, 7Zip, Dark Room, GIMP, Keypass, Orzeszek #
  • My kinda open source: tamale store gives classes on making tamales. Businesses large & small could learn from that model. #
  • [email protected]_consign Looks great. Glad to see Flanigan in there. Will read/listen/look shortly. / re: @vagueterrain #
  • RIP art legend Ira Cohen (b.1935); described deaf parents' "strange voices like doves cooing"; made film w/ VU's MacLise #
  • In my dream last night, I think I was at the premiere of John Adams' Osama bin Laden opera. #
  • C-SPAN forcing me to listen to "Macarena" while awaiting President's announcement. #
  • Outer-borough dining exploration successes: Huasteca and Mexico Tortilla in Newark (Calif.) #
  • Kitano's Outrage has same composer as his Zatoichi, but no dance sequence at the end. #
  • Takeshi Kitano's Outrage is pretty excellent, an evisceration of the myth of honor among thieves. #
  • All hail Grace van Cutsem, the mascot of noise pollution. #
  • Based on Toy Story 3, it's clear that Mrs Potato Head would be a natural at Portal 2. #
  • Ticket purchased for new Takeshi Kitano film, Outrage, tonight. Cannot wait. Prep listening: Morricone + DJ Krush, perhaps simultaneously. #
  • Playing Portal after watching Source Code is a little mentally too close for comfort. #
  • RT @sideb0ard any suggestions for term for when you get addicted to an album and listen to it for 2 weeks solid at expense of all else? #
  • RT @osakimandias Sunny Saturday morning carries the scent of Spring, and the wind in the trees sounds like applause for a changing season. #

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