Live from Kiev (MP3)

The last time Anton Holota‘s music was mentioned here was back in 2008, on the occasion of his album Products of Passed Days, on the Complementary Distribution netlabel. Turns out that Holota’s latest free web release, a half-hour live performance presented as part of the Crónicaster series at, dates from roughly the same period. Though it just popped up on Crónica’s RSS feed, the set was recorded back in October 2008 at a club called Cinema in Kiev, Ukraine (MP3). It seems to be a soundboard recording, because there’s no apparent crowd noise — which is for the best, because much of the sounds from which Holta makes his music could easily be just the sort of chance noise we’re trained from birth to ignore: the hums of a dying HVAC system, snatches of partially overheard conversation, shuffling handheld items, the static of faulty transmission. That latter element, the way error becomes an aesthetic, casts a spell over the entire proceedings — “glitch,” as it were, in various ways serves as a shared aspect to the performance. As such, it turns the idea of error on its head: what is supposed to be a broken transmission in fact is exactly that which manages to take disparate elements and find common ground for them, that which turns noise into something more immediately comprehensible as signal.

[audio:|titles=”Live at Cinema Club (Kiev)”|artists=Anton Holta]

More on Holta, who records as .at/on, at (from which the above photo, shot earlier in 2008, is borrowed) and

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